Apple’s iPhone 12 handsets this year - are expected to come with 5G

While iOS 13 is frugal on power, the 2020 iPhones are all going to have a significant drain on the battery, because all of the iPhone 12 handsets are going to come with 5G capabilities. That on its own is going to increase the demand on the battery. Apple may be left with little choice but to up the battery size purely to maintain the current battery endurance of the iPhone so the captive customers do not feel a sense of loss when they upgrade. For all the talk of Cupertino’s excellence in engineering and the new features that the iPhone 12 will bring to Apple’s geekerati, it looks like Apple is doing little more than trying to catch up to the Android-powered opposition.

Apple’s iPhone 12 handsets this year - are expected to come with 5G

Although the availability of 5G is growing, it is not in demand by the average consumer. That the top of the line iPhone 11 Pro Max does not support 5G (in the way that say the Galaxy S10 family and the OnePlus 7 family both have 5G variants) is not a huge loss to consumers today.

But the expectation for 2020 is that most premium handset families will all be sporting 5G. Samsung will likely be the first out of the gate ahead of MWC Barcelona in February, and the competition will follow. Seven months later, Apple will launch the iPhone 12 handsets and the current information is that they will all sport 5G options.

Where Apple falls down here is future-proofing. Many consumers who are purchasing a high-end handset because they are at the cutting edge will be looking for 5G in the handset so it remains forward compatible. Presumably the belief is that iPhone users who are of this mindset are happy to partake in the annual update ritual so will get 5G with everyone else, but how does that help bring in new users to the platform that are looking for 5G right now?

iPhone 12 Pro and the iPhone 12 Pro Max

On show here are the designs of the iPhone 12 Pro and the iPhone 12 Pro Max. Both handsets - indeed all of Apple’s iPhone 12 handsets this year - are expected to come with 5G (although countries without the necessary infrastructure may only be offered 4G models).
Comparing the iPhone 12 to the Android competition is going to leave Apple on the losing side of many arguments around new technology, adoption, and implementation. But it’s going to be head and shoulders above the current iPhone. That’s great news if you are selling to the faithful, but makes the iPhone 12 a harder sell to convert new customers to Apple’s cloud.

Apple’s iPhone 12 handsets this year - are expected to come with 5G

Tim Cook and his team need to counter the idea that the iPhone 12 will be an old design, late to the 5G party, with old screen technology already widely supported by Android.

The two Pro models are widely expected to ship with a three lens camera system, and a fourth time of flight camera on Pro Max to gather extra depth information which will be useful both in AR-powered applications and Apple’s post processing filters (including he addition of bokeh or portrait lighting).

Once more Apple is using an off-centre design for the camera hub, and the flat surface reminiscent of an induction hob from Ikea remains. The push to have a front aspect that is all screen continues, with a mix of smaller bezels and larger screens contributing to the effect.

Let’s take a closer look with a full-on preview video from Concept Creator:

The iPhone 12, iPhone 12 Pro, and iPhone 12 Pro Max are all expected to be revealed in early September 2020, with public availability by the end of the month.

Now, there are a few important things to note about this new iPhone 12 Pro Max concept. First and foremost, it takes a couple of liberties that we definitely don’t expect to see on Apple’s actual iPhone 12 models that launch later this year.

First of all, this concept imagines an iPhone that ditches the Lightning port and relies solely on wireless connectivity. There is no chance whatsoever that Apple’s iPhone 12 series will actually lose the Lightning port. We do know from patents that Apple has filed that the company is indeed toying with the idea of releasing all-wireless iPhones, but it’s definitely not happening in 2020. The iPhone 12 series will feature Lightning ports just like every other iPhone model that has been released since Apple ditched its old 30-pin connector.

The other big issue with this iPhone 12 concept is the display. The graphic designer who made the video imagines what an iPhone 12 Pro Max would look like without any notch at the top. It looks fantastic, of course, but we’re not sure Apple is ready yet to do away with its signature display notch. There are conflicting reports over whether or not Apple has been able to shrink down the size of its TrueDepth sensors so that they’ll fit in a narrow bezel, so it is possible that we’ll see a notchless iPhone 12 series release later this year. It’s quite unlikely though, so don’t hold your breath.

Despite those issues and a few more like the triple-lens rear camera being flush with the back of the phone, this concept still gives us an idea of what Apple’s leaked iPhone 12 design might look like when it debuts later this year. It’s truly stunning, and you’ll find the full video embedded below so you can see for yourself.


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