January 2: Google doodle honors late Nigerian Nollywood filmmaker Amaka Igwe

Google doodle went live on Thursday, January 2, to celebrate late Amaka Igwe’s contributions to the Nollywood on her 57th posthumous birthday. She died at 51 in 2014.

Uzoamaka Audrey 'Amaka' Igwe was born to Isaac and Patience Ene on 2 January, 1963 in Port-Harcourt. Igwe was the fifth of seven children, and the fourth of six sisters. She was known as 'GCO' (General Commanding Officer) by her father and 'Storm' by her mother because she was always busy with some activity. As a child she acted as a Minister of Youth, Sports and Culture.
January 2: Google doodle honors late Nigerian Nollywood filmmaker Amaka Igwe

Igwe was an accomplished writer, producer, director, entrepreneur and teacher. A pioneer of modern Nigerian TV drama and film, she hit national limelight as the writer and producer of award-winning TV soap ‘Checkmate’ and its offshoot ‘Fuji House of Commotion’. Her Nollywood projects include Rattle snake and Violated, which set Amaka Igwe Studios apart in the Video film era of Nigerian cinema. She founded BOBTV Exp, and was the founder and CEO of the Lagos mainland-based Top Radio 90.9FM station, the quality content production powerhouse, Amaka Igwe Studios and Q Entertainment Networks, and DSTV channel.


Igwe will be remembered for raising the bar in movie and TV production in Nigeria, setting, attaining and maintaining high standards with her company Amaka Igwe Studios at a time when Nollywood was not taken seriously, for not conforming to low standards as a means to achieving success and for inspiring many Nigerian movie makers, Nigerians, and the world as a whole.

A sense of duty to and respect for God, her family, excellence in everything, the integrity and quality of her work, and tradition in general was an integral part of Amaka. She loved her family, and resolved to always be there for them. Amaka Igwe invested in people, and they remain her testimony. She often told those she directly trained that she would give them what she has so they could add to what they have and be better than her. She never thought she was indispensable, and she was committed to the growth and sustenance of the Creative Industries.

Igwe won a number of awards during her career. In 2011, Nigeria recognized her substantial efforts and immense contributions to the creative industry by awarding her with the Nigerian National Order of '"MFR," which stands for "Member of The Federal Republic of Nigeria."

January 2: Google doodle honors late Nigerian Nollywood filmmaker Amaka Igwe

Igwe died in Enugu on April 28, 2014 at 8:30 pm, after efforts failed to save her from an asthma exacerbation. Her funeral was attended by Rochas Okorocha, the governor of Imo State, as well as personalities from the Nollywood film industry.


"I am an unapologetic commercial filmmaker. I make films to make money."

"I will give you all I have, so you can add it to what you have and be better than me."

"By the Special Grace of God."

"Mr. President, what is Arik Air without an airport?"

"Nollywood is a global movement."


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