According to Quartz Africa: The travel measures taken against Nigeria by the United States last year are starting to have a clear and, potentially, long-term effect.

Data from the US travel and tourism office shows Nigeria recorded the largest global drop-off in visitors to the US. As of October 2019, 34,000 fewer Nigerians traveled to the US compared to the previous year—a 21% drop. After a sustained period of growth between 2011 and 2015, the number of Nigerian visitors to the US started to plateau in 2016 until the big drop-off last year.
Nigeria had the biggest drop in visitors to the US last year as Trump’s visa policies took hold

The second largest  drop was for visitors from Venezuela (17.7%). The South American country is in the midst of an economic and political crisis which has seen more than four million people flee the country and the US is restricting entry to Venezuelan migrants.

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  1. The increase in visa fee surely has become a burden to Nigerian travelers. It's not just because of the increase in visa fee but because it's too hard to get a US visa approval. We know that every visa fee is non-refundable and with every denied visa is a waste of finances for Nigerian travelers.