The Top 10 Best Mini/Pocket Projectors to Buy in 2020

Businesses aren’t the only ones using projectors today. Consumers have realized the value of having a device around for streaming video, watching movies or gaming with friends. But whether you’re buying a projector for personal or professional use, a smaller, more portable version can open up opportunities. Mini projectors are designed to be portable enough to carry around while also packing the same punch as a much larger model. You’ll get bright, crisp colors and long battery life in some mini projectors, making them great whether you’re presenting in a conference room or enjoying movie night at a friend’s house.

One thing to consider as you shop for a projector is mobile connectivity. Some projectors connect up to your favorite smartphone or tablet to let you access your files or stream from your favorite apps. It’s important to look at compatibility if you’re choosing a projector to work with your existing mobile device, especially if you don’t have iOS or Android operating systems.

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10 Best Mini/Pocket Projectors to Buy in 2020

1. Mini LED Video Projector

The Top 10 Best Mini/Pocket Projectors to Buy in 2020

+70% Brightness

Crosstour Projector features upgraded image brightness, which makes it 70% brighter than other comparable projectors. 1080P resolution supported and 2000:1 dynamic contrast ratio can provide you an excellent watching experience.

Large Screen

The projector costs only one-fifth of the worth of a TV while provides a 32-176” watching size with the projection distance between 4.9ft to 16.4ft,so that you can enjoy your favorite movies with family freely through the big screen without rushing to a cinema.

Excellent Sound Quality

Equipped with Built-in speaker system, offering excellent stereo sound. It is the best choice for your family gatherings and ideal for playing at home and backyard in dark environment, creating a fantastic atmosphere for you.

Price: $60 At Amazon

2. 1080P HD Supported 4500 Lux Portable Video Projector

1080P HD Supported 4500 Lux Portable Video Projector

Promising review: Needed a projector for my sons movie theme birthday party and opted to try this particular one. I gotta say that I made the right choice! The quality of the movie being projected was AMAZING! The kids really enjoyed watching a movie while swimming. FYI: projector screen was bought separately. Definitely recommend buying this product from this seller. Item was as described and was shipped fast. Loved this projector, especially the price! - B. Delgado

Price: $70 At Amazon

3. Vamvo Ultra Mini Portable Projector

Vamvo Ultra Mini Portable Projector

Promising review: Actually, I have bought already another projector larger size and mount it on the ceiling before. But we have to travel fairly often and my son really crazy about seeing something interesting before going to sleep. That's why I decided to buy another one smaller and with the battery. How I was surprised when realized that the picture quality of this really small projector is much better than my bigger one at home!!! When I discovered that it is possible to connect my iPhone to Vamvo projector I lost all doubts about this purchase. Battery pretty well, about 3 hours with no charging. The sound is decent like for so small size. The fan is absolutely not noisy. In the box, I found the small tripod that is really good fit with the projector. It looks like all my family just fall in love with this ultra small projector! - Victor

Price: $218 At Amazon

4. Multimedia Home Theater Movie Projector

Multimedia Home Theater Movie Projector

Auking projector equipped with 2000:1 contrast ratio, 1080p resolution supported, 55,000 hours LED lamp life, all allow you to enjoy the happiness home entertainment. Definitely the best choice for you. Thanks primarily to the 2019 upgraded tech, this projector delivers a +35% brightness better. The color and brightness are both upgraded which will allow you to enjoy a superior watching experience.

Easy to carry

This projector has a mini size with a dimension of 7.7 x 6 x 2.7 in. The customized design allows you to carry and store it easily.

Price: $70 At Amazon

5. Pocket Movie Projector Support HDMI Smartphone, PC Laptop, USB for Home Theater Movie, Game

Pocket Movie Projector

GooDee mini projector adopts a modern, stylish look that goes with the décor of your home and theater. With a tripod that rotates 360 degree, this cute, easy-to-carry video projector is your best companion for all happy occasions with your friends and family!

Price: $81 At Amazon

6. Artlii 2019 New Pocket Projector

Artlii 2019 New Pocket Projector

Promising review: To be frank, I did not expect much from this. I originally bought this as a gift for a friend. However, the more we used it, the more I was surprised at the quality of it. It is multi-usable. I hooked up my MacBook to it, iPhone, and other devices and it worked well without issues. The minor issues I had were related to the quality. Sometimes it was the flickering on the screen or be simply black. I toyed around with the HDMI cord I had at the time and found out the issue may be related to this. Right now I am looking into getting another cord. This is not the fault of the device if it is the cord. I ordered a new cord to test with this projector. Hopefully it resolves the issue. Jimmy A

Price: $52 At Amazon

7. Home, Party, Meeting, Theater Full Color LED LCD Projector

Home, Party, Meeting, Theater Full Color LED LCD Projector

Promising review: Its very simple to set up . A really great cost efficient projector and it will be great as a present. Its smaller than my hand so its very portable and also lightweight.The image quality of the projector is actually really nice for something that's under $100! We don't have a projector screen yet, but we haven't noticed any discrepancies or image issues with projecting onto a light beige wall. I really appreciate the fact that we can also focus the image with projector itself. Overall, this is a choice for those on a budget! I absolutely would recommend this projector to others. Feng Yu

Price: $46.96 At Amazon

8. Mini Portable Android Projector

Mini Portable Android Projector

Promising review: I bought this for my nephew as a gift. When I got it, I had a try right away. I played “The Dolphin Story of A Dreamer” on YouTube. I also tried the keystone to adjust picture sharp. I would give a thumb up the “source” function. It allows me to connect different source such as USB, HDMI etc. To be honest, I bought one a month ago for self, but comparing to this one, the function is poor, but more expensive, and it also changed my laptop resolution, even frozen laptop every time. This one is working fine. The picture is in reasonable quality, after all it is a mini projector. but it is still brighter and sharper for same price in market. Generally speaking, it is easy to be installed. it is better than what I expected. If someone wants to get a mini projector with limited budget, you should consider it. Kevin McLuhan

Price: $209 At Amazon

9. Portable Wi Fi projector

Portable Wi Fi projector

Promising review: The size of the projector is smaller than I though. I had one projector which is way bigger than this one and operate slowly. This projector also impressed me with long batter life.  My old one can barely hold on for a movie. I must stop and charge it at the middle of a movie. With the new projector I can lie down for the entire movie and don’t have to charge it at all.  it works with my Ipad perfectly and smoothly. No compatibility issue so far I'm very happy that the price matches the quality. seller was very nice and patience when I have some questions with the projector. Mike

Price: $300 At Amazon

10. Portable Projector, Built-in Battery and Speakers with 360°Rotation Tripod

Portable Projector, Built-in Battery and Speakers with 360°Rotation Tripod

Promising review: This mini projector does exactly what I needed it to do. Because the size of this projector is small and the weight is only of a cell phone I could take it anywhere I want and enjoy it anytime. The image was clear, beautiful and when I watch movie there is no loading delay because of the advanced DLP technology. The panel of this projector is wireless intelligent touch panel that has an accurate touch panel without a mouse and it both support touch control and button operation. Great portable projector for the price. Gary C.

Price: $210 At Amazon

Fun Facts About Mini Projectors

Projectors have come a long way in recent years, as consumers have discovered the benefits of beaming an image onto a large surface. At one time, in-home projectors were reserved for the ultra-wealthy, with professionals installing the equipment as part of a full-scale home theater. But a growing demand for home theaters among all demographics continues to push sales upward. On one side, there’s the growing popularity of streaming services and, on the other, the affordability of home entertainment products. Instead of leaving the house to see a movie in the theater, a family can stay home and watch a great movie or TV show with a display that rivals what they’d get on the big screen.


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