5 Best Stretch Mark Removal Creams for Pregnancy

Are you pregnant or have you recently given birth? Are you wondering what you can do to make those stretch marks fade — or prevent them from even appearing in the first place? Stretch marks are a common result of pregnancy, but thankfully there are some things you can do to minimize them, and choosing a good stretch mark cream is a good first step. Here’s what you need to know to battle those stretch marks and pick the best cream for your bump.

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1. Belly Butter

10 Best Stretch Mark Creams, Scar Removal for Pregnancy

Promising review: Stretch Marks has always been a struggle, and this cream has such an intense hydration that is amazing! When I use it, I always massage it and I can see it getting lighter! I have to say that I even use it for my dry skin (winter problems) because of all the oils that is in it. Great Product, 5 stars!!

Price: $25 At Amazon

2. Nuonove


Stop worrying about minor imperfections and love your body as it is! Even if you have a skin that shines like a Greek goddess, there is a possibility that you have stretch marks or scars on at least part of your body. Maybe they are not the most beautiful things in the world, but that is part of life.

10 Best Stretch Mark Creams, Scar Removal for Pregnancy

Intensely moisturizes the skin, Visibly improves the appearance of stretch marks, this stretch marks cream regenerates and moisturizes the skin. Prevents stretch marks in puberty due to sudden weight changes or loss of elasticity of the skin.

Price: $19 At Amazon

3. Organic Belly & Body Oil For Pregnancy Helps Prevent Stretch Marks

Organic Belly & Body Oil For Pregnancy Helps Prevent Stretch Marks

Mother's Glow Belly & Body Oil -Made with 100% natural ingredients -Protects and keeps skin hydrated, moisturized, and soothed -Effectively repairs and prevents the appearance of stretch marks -Absorbs fast and does not leave a greasy feeling -Made by leaders in the industry.

Price: $26.87 At Amazon

4. ReTone Stretch Mark Removal Cream: Prevention and Treatment of old and new stretch marks and scars

ReTone Stretch Mark Removal Cream

Stretch marks are complicated – but the process to get rid of them doesn’t have to be. ReTone Stretch Mark cream is part of a piece kit that can easily be incorporated into your daily routine. You may even find yourself kicking your favorite body wash to the curb, as the Exfoliating Cleanser will leave more than just your stretch marks feeling smooth and rejuvenated.

Promising review: So far, so good. It doesn't take too long to see results if you stick to the regimen. I have gained a ton of weight and, as a result, those nasty stretch marks are here. However, with this cream, not for long! By the time the weather is right, my stretch marks would have been gone or at least nearly visible. Monroe Fix I.T.

Price: $30 At Amazon

5. TriLASTIN Maternity Stretch Mark Prevention Cream

TriLASTIN Maternity Stretch Mark Prevention Cream

The TriLASTIN Maternity Stretch Mark Prevention Cream is a natural, paraben-free choice that doesn’t allow stretch marks to form as the body changes during pregnancy. With naturally-sourced extracts and oils, this stretch mark prevention cream will keep skin hydrated, resilient, and elastic, which prevents skin tears or stretch marks.

Price: $34.50 At Amazon


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  1. Used Dermalmd Stretch Mark Removal Serum throughout pregnancy & absolutely no stretch marks at all ...Kept pores and skin pleasant & soft... Will use it even after the baby.