10 Essential Products For People Working From Home

Things You'll Probably Want On Hand If You Have To Work From Home. The prices on this list reflect the retailers' listed price at the time of publication. And also this article contains affiliate links: as an Amazon Associate we may earn commission from qualifying purchases.

1. Pour Over Coffee Maker with Permanent Filter

10 Essential Products For People Working From Home

The pour over promises excellent, rich taste and robust aroma while maintaining the natural oils of the ground Coffee. For the perfect cup of Coffee, simply fill the cone-shaped filter with freshly ground Coffee and pour a small amount of heated water over them until soaked. Slowly pour the remaining hot water into the filter. Coffee will drip into the mouth-blown, borosilicate glass carafe and, in 3-4 minutes, will be ready to serve. Remove the filter from the carafe before serving and enjoy!

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2. Bamboo Bed Tray with Folding Legs, Lap Tray, Breakfast Tray

Bamboo Bed Tray with Folding Legs, Lap Tray, Breakfast Tray

Promising review: I must admit I was nervous about ordering these. It can be tough to gauge the quality of an item like this when buying online. But I can say now after several weeks that this product is excellent and the seller is fast and reliable. They are sturdy, well made, and good looking. They arrived promptly and well-packaged. I would order again and highly recommend this specific vendor (note: there are many vendors selling similar looking items - I can only vouch for this specific vendor) - MikeinNC.

Get it for $23 from Amazon.

3. A pack of NeuroGum made with a blend of caffeine and nootropics, designed to give you energy five times faster than regular coffee — without jitters or sluggishness afterward. That 3 p.m. WFH slump when you suddenly have the attention span of a goldfish just met its match

A pack of NeuroGum

Promising review: As a medical student this has been an amazing addition to my daily study regimen. Same amazing boost as the Diet Coke and coffee I used to chug, but without the jitters, crash/headache, or teeth staining. It's become my new go-to for staying awake and alert in the OR or on the wards. Highly recommend for anyone who needs a pick-me-up but doesn't want that "wired" sensation you get from coffee - R. Sardesai.

Get it for $39 from Amazon.

4. A memory foam seat cushion for your tushy that will be a total lifesaver if you're working away from your usual comfy office chair, and need a quick fix in the meantime

A memory foam seat cushion

Promising review: My mother likes this cushion a lot. It is helping her with a sore spot on her tailbone and, we believe, keeping her from getting a worse sore in that area. We were afraid it was the beginning of a pressure sore (bed sore). She is finding it to be very soothing and comfortable - Annette R.

Get it for $30 from Amazon.

5. A Mug Warmer

A Mug Warmer

Promising review: Let’s just say.. at first I thought this would be a gimmick but I am surprised. It does take about 15 minutes to heat up but it definitely does what it is suppose to!! I am such a slow drinker and I work in a clinic so I am in and out of exam rooms so by the time I take another sip, my full mug of coffee is cold. This Kept my coffee warm, so no cold coffee for me! This would be a great Christmas gift for a coworker or boss - shaila.

Get it for $26 from Amazon.

6. Active Noise Cancelling Headphones

Active Noise Cancelling Headphones

The COWIN E7 Active Noise Cancelling Headphones have powerful Active Noise Cancelling Function. Significant noise reduction for travel, work and anywhere in between. Advanced active noise reduction technology quells airplane cabin noise, city traffic or a busy office, makes you focus on what you want to hear,enjoy your music, movies and videos.

Get it for $50 from Amazon.

7. Water Bottle with Time Marker to remind you to stay hydrated during the day, which is especially important when you're WFH — it's even easier to feel anxious or tired when you're on your lonesome, and being dehydrated can def make it even worse

Water Bottle with Time Marker

Promising review: When this arrived in the mail, my daughter asked what I needed another water bottle for. She was right, I didn't need another water bottle, but, in defense of my shopping habits, I told her this bottle was different. At the time I didn't know how right I was. But now, after a week of getting 64 ounces of water in every day, I can officially say, I LOVE this thing! First, the time and ounce measurements is so handy that I think I might be getting a little OCD about getting the correct amount of water at the correct time (I need to work on that). The top flip-up mechanism is awesome and appears extremely sturdy. Sometimes I just like popping it for fun (I have a boring life). And don't even get me started on the handle! When I'm juggling a purse and bags, being able to slide the bottle over my wrist saves me a trip back to the car...which is only in the garage but I'm lazy. This one is a winner and I've already asked for another one for Christmas and I don't care what anyone thinks - J. Bengt.

Get it for $20 from Amazon.

8. Blue Light Blocking Glasses For Women & Men

Blue Light Blocking Glasses For Women & Men

Blue light known as high-energy visible blue light (HEV) has high frequency and short wavelengths similar to UV light. Prolong exposures to blue light has shown to damage the retina, the part of eye that detects qualities such as color and light intensity. As your eyes are working extra hard to cope with the blue light, you begin to experience eye strain. Over sustained periods, the exposure can contribute to long-term vision issues such as cataracts and age-related macular degeneration (AMD).

Promising review: I wanted to see if these computer glasses were the real deal. I’m 48, have great eyesight, but have noticed eye strain being on my computer at work all day. The difference in how my eyes felt was noticeable and immediate when I work.These frames(I got the basic black frames) are light, extremely comfortable, and they seem to look good on everybody. The lenses are pretty clear. I’ve already had two coworkers buy these blue light blocking glasses, both of them after trying mine for less than a minute. I’m thinking about including these blue light glasses as stocking suffer for all of my friends and family that stare at screens all day - Steve M..

Get it for $20 from Amazon.

9. A keyboard cleaning gel, because if you are anything like me then working from home means that your laptop is working overtime both as a keyboard and as a lunch tray ("Alexa, how do you get Cheez-It crumbs out of a laptop fan???).

A keyboard cleaning gel

Promising review: I received the product when promised and it was packed satisfactorily. The price was very reasonable. I liked that it came in several zip lock pouches. I used the product on a very dirty computer keyboard and on my house phones. It was easy to use, and it did a wonderful job of pulling dust, crumbs out from between the keys and other dirt, too. It is reusable and can be washed and used again. Very satisfied - bcook.

Get it for $11 from Amazon.

10. A delightfully bendy desk lamp that not only charges right up with a USB cord, but will also serve as a port to charge your phone. Behold this glorious intersection of style and function!

delightfully bendy desk lamp

Promising review: Love the simple on/off rocker switch on the base. Had one on my previous lamp fixture and the knob on shade top stopped working after about 3 years. Don't expect that to happen with this one. Good directed light for desktop. Can bend the flexible neck to keep light out of my eyes - Jessica.

Get it for $19 from Amazon.


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