10 Must Have Newborn Baby Items For New Moms

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1. Kimono gown ($19)

Must Have Newborn Baby Items For New Moms

Promising review: We got this gown for our baby to wear at night. It makes diaper changes so easy and if he leaks it's easy to change his clothes. The craftsmanship is superb. My only complaint is that the fabric is super thick. That isn't necessarily a bad thing for everyone! My baby runs hot and something lighter weight would be better for him. He was about 9lb when we got this and I see him being able to fit in it for a long time. As for the length, I don't understand everyone who complained that it was too long. It really doesn't matter since it's supposed to cover the feet and be cozy - Samantha Sharkey.

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2. Clinical Forehead Baby Thermometer ($50)

Clinical Forehead Baby Thermometer

There’s nothing more heartbreaking than hearing your baby cry and feeling like you can’t do anything to help them. Designed specifically for children, OCCObaby's No-Contact Baby Thermometer is fast and reliable, offering instant reading, silent mode and a backlight for night monitoring.

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3. Ruffled Baby Bassinet for Bed ($79)

Ruffled Baby Bassinet for Bed

Promising review: I loved this bed and it’s very comfortable for my little one!! However I chose not to use the pillow that came with this bed and I bought a head shaping pillow for the baby. But it’s extremely convenient and it’s not too soft nor too hard for the baby to comfortably sleep - Jay.

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4. Cozy Plush Blankets for Newborn ($35)

Cozy Plush Blankets for Newborn

Berry Bebe brand brings to you the ultimate baby blanket! This personalized baby blanket is made from ultra soft and plush, minky velour material. It is a must have for every darling baby. The plush material is stylish and the color is rich. The blanket will enhance any part of your baby’s wardrobe, making your little one stand out in the crowd. Additionally! Your baby’s name will be embroidered using high quality thread in the color and font of your choice at no additional cost!

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5. Rocking Bassinet ($130)

Rocking Bassinet

Promising review: Everything zips off which makes it so easy to clean - I machine washed every part of it with cold water and it all zipped back into place. Soft, easy to move and so easy to put together. I am putting it by my bed as a bassinet & the dock-a-tot fits perfect in it. For now I’m using doc-a-tot in the bassinet while baby is so small. Would recommend.. only downfall is it is a bit heavy, I can move it but I have my husband carry it when moving it on long trips - Amazon Customer.

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6. Baby Nursery Organizer ($24)

Baby Nursery Organizer

Promising review: Very happy so far. Really saves a lot of time and stress! It comes in handy and provides what needed for a diaper change without having to run around. It can hold even more stuff by removing the dividers and you can also fit things like keys or smartphone in the outside pockets, so it really allows to have your hands free. We might order a second one for the car to have a changing station wherever we end up. It comes folded up but it will get a nice straight and sturdy shape when you start putting things in it. I highly recommend it to busy parents, it makes life easier - Golazin Rahattalab.

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7. Water-Resistant Baby Nest ($96)

Water-Resistant Baby Nest

This baby sleep lounger can be used for newborns and toddlers up to 12 months. It grows with your baby, giving them the comfort they need to rest, play and, of course, lounge! It has a firm mattress with cloud-like soft pillow sides, which provides best support for your baby’s back as well as soothes senses acting as a snuggling nest. The womb like environment brings comfort and helps your baby feel cosy and sleep soundly.

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8. Newborn Baby Swaddle Blanket ($26)

Newborn Baby Swaddle Blanket

The swaddle blanket is SUPER SOFT and cozy! Its quality is a little over I love that the inside is a COTTON FILLER is nice and warm. The overall look of the blanket is super cute, can be used as blanket, baby stroller warp, sleeping bag, sleeping mat, swaddle.

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9. Fleece Lined Hats ($18)

Fleece Lined Hats

This fleece lined warm hat for toddler is made of high quality materials and well designed to fit babies at 0-24 Months. With adjustable rubber band built inside perfect adjustability is available.

Promising review: These hats seem very well made. They’re soft, thick and warm. They stay on my daughters head and don’t budge. I’m never having to adjust it. I bought the 2-5 size for my 20-month-old despite the reviews saying it wouldn’t fit, and the sizing is appropriate with plenty of room to grow - Danielle.

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10. EZ Ride 5 Travel System ($139)

EZ Ride 5 Travel System

Promising review: This seat saved my daughter's life. My wife, our 2-day old daughter (at the time) and I were involved in a car accident. My car received heavy rear end damage. I got by a motorcyclist and a very big truck. We were going about at speeds of 35 mph. The paramedics saw my daughter and told my wife and I that she was fine and there was no bruising and no irregular respiratory symptoms. The paramedics and firefighters even were at awe to see that the car seat had not received any damage. They gave us a "good job" thumbs up and told us everything will be fine (except my car). So I trust this seat and product from this company. At first I bought this because it was a little more around my budget and the positive reviews from other buyers made it more trusting to buy, but now I'm here typing this telling you that this is a sturdy seat from my point of view. Totally up to you if you guys want to buy it, but it saved my daughter's life - DavidSosa90.

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