10 Women with the longest hair in the world: Real Rapunzel models

While many of us dream about having long, luscious locks, we all know that having perfect long hair comes down to two things. The first thing is that you need to be extremely patient when you are growing it out and put a lot of effort into taking care of your hair. The second is, of course, genetics, so no matter what products you use, your thin, prone to breakage hair won’t become thick and healthy-looking. If you’re one of the unlucky ones who wasn’t blessed with patience or good genes, you can only admire those who have both of these things.

Meet the top 10 Real Rapunzel models

1. Aliia

10 Women with the longest hair in the world: Real Rapunzel models

Long Hair on Instagram: “I started to grow my hair when there was no Instagram. I lived in a small town and often heard ridiculous and mocking opinions that no one…”

2. Annabella

Annabella long hair

3. Dashik Gubanova

Dashik Gubanova long hair

Dashik Gubanova is a true long hair queen, and she is very well known for her super long and silky brown hair, which looks absolutely stunning. We are proud of working with her, and she loves being a Real Rapunzels model. Needless to say, she is a true long hair lover as well, and she takes good care of her hair as well as having a lot of patience, which has enabled her to grow her hair to such an incredible length.

4. Alena


Alena has unbelievably long hair. Her hair is outstanding in every way.
She has the perfect dream hair - incredibly long, oustandingly heavy and so healthy that it's hard to believe. Her hair is also ultra thick! It's some of the best hair we have ever seen. In this video, you will see her doing long hair play and display, long hair lifting and dropping, long hair swinging and swaying, long hair brushing, running her fingers through her long hair, buns and bundrops, a ponytail and more. She has to stand on the chair to show you her full hair length without her hair piling up on the floor!

5. Romanian Rapunzel Lidia

Romanian Rapunzel Lidia

Lidia is a legend when it comes to the long hair community! Although she has not been a RealRapunzels model for long, she has had FLOOR LENGTH hair for over 15 years! Her hair weighs a LOT, and it is very thick, long and healthy! She is the perfect example of that you can maintain extremely long hair for a very long time, as long as you take good care of it and don't use heat etc. If you're that kind of person who LOVES extreme amounts of hair, like ankle length and longer, you will love this video!

6. The long hair teacher

The long hair teacher

Rin has very beautiful long hair which suits her perfectly, and it is now at ankle length. She wants to grow it even longer so that it can be floor length or even longer.

Rin has very beautiful long hair

Her hair is also very thick and healthy, and it's very stunning and beautiful! At school, some classes were boring, but one thing is for sure; this class wouldn't be boring, not even for a second! It's about hair, more specifically very long hair.

Rin has very beautiful long hair

At the green board in the classroom, there's written "HAIR PLAY" with big letters, and below that text, Rin writes subcategories of hair play, to teach and show how to do long hair play and display with very long hair.

Rin has very beautiful long hair

This serves perfect as a video for either inspiration, entertainment or a guide, as she gives perfect demonstrations on how to do long hair play and display by doing long hair brushing, running her fingers through her long hair, hair swinging and swaying and a bun and bundrop. Welcome back to school, an interesting school about VERY long hair!

8. Ukrainian Rapunzel Alena Kravchenko

Ukrainian Rapunzel Alena Kravchenko

34-year-old Alena Kravchenko from Odesa, Ukraine. She has been dubbed the real-life Rapunzel after going viral for her 6 foot (1.8 meters) long hair. Alena has been growing her hair since she was 5 years old, after being encouraged by her mother. She hasn’t cut her hair in almost 30 years, and despite her hair outgrowing her height of 5′6″ (1.68 meters) she doesn’t even think about cutting it.

9. Smita Srivastava

Smita Srivastava from Allahabad, is the the Longest Hair Model in India, had won Limca Book of Record and Kalams Book of Record.

10. Two rapunzels meet!

Two rapunzels meet!

Finally two real rapunzels meet, and the have incredible hair! One of the girls has knee length hair, and the other rapunzel, Selia, has BEYOND floor length hair, yes that´s right! LONGER than floor length hair. Her hair isn´t just extremely long, but has also very good quality and thickness! If you like long hair or super long hair this video is a MUST! They braid each others hair, makes ponytails, the cameraman holds Selia´s hair so it seems like you are holding it yourself, they brush each others hair and does a LOT of hairplay!


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