13 Amazing Home Decor Products Under $20

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1. Small Digital Alarm Clock with Nightlight and Battery Backup

20 Amazing Home Decor Products Under $20

Wake up on time with help from this digital alarm clock from AmazonBasics. Ideal for any nightstand, the alarm clock provides reliable convenience in a compact size—perfect for at home or when traveling.

Get it for $10 from Amazon.

2. 6-7 Hour Long Burning Unscented Tea Light Candles

6-7 Hour Long Burning Unscented Tea Light Candles

These quality tealight candles can be used with any decor whether it be a beautiful centerpiece for the holidays, an upscale romantic restaurant setting, or a relaxing spa atmosphere. 
Stonebriar tealight candles will fit any standard tealight holder, or you can even create your own crafty candle holder out of mason jars, wine glasses, and even pieces of wood.These tealight candles can be used for weddings, birthdays, anniversaries, and much more. The opportunities are endless when thinking up new ways to use Stonebriar tealight candles.

Get it for $18 from Amazon.

3. Premium Hypoallergenic Stuffer Pillow

Premium Hypoallergenic Stuffer Pillow

Use in any room of your home or office. As an accessory to your Bed Room, or as a decorative but useful piece in your Living Room. They look great and are comfortable as well. You will not be disappointed laying your head on these pillows for an afternoon nap on the couch, just make sure to get enough for the whole Family!

Get it for $9 from Amazon.

4. Clear Plastic Vanity and Desk Drawer Organizers | 6 Piece Set

Clear Plastic Vanity and Desk Drawer Organizers | 6 Piece Set

Time to get your drawers organized! With many applications and configurations, these individual organizers can fit side by side to divide and contain all of your desk clutter. Perfect to keep cosmetics organized in your vanity and bathroom drawers! Also great for craft, office, and kitchen drawers. Each of the containers can stack on top of each other allowing for easy access to items below. Great for deep drawers! Purchase additional sizes to customize your organizational needs. Create modular sets to fit a multitude of items. Clear break-resistant plastic fits in any decor. Accessories shown are not included. No assembly required. Cleans easily with mild soap and warm water.

Get it for $15 from Amazon.

5. Door Draft Stopper

Door Draft Stopper

Promising review: I hope this review helps someone like myself who had an issue with a determined cat! Our cats need to be separated because well they don't get a long. Our boy is outside of the bedroom, and or girl is inside the master bedroom. Problem is our boy will always stick his paw under the door to try and get in. Over time this left a bad sore / wound on his lower leg near his paw from the rubbing. We tried a few different things to block the gap, but the door draft stopper works perfectly and he busted through everything else. Also if installed properly if he meows, you can barley hear it! - RKlein.

Get it for $10 from Amazon.

6. 2020 Version 10X Magnifying Makeup Mirror With Lights

2020 Version 10X Magnifying Makeup Mirror With Lights

Promising review: I gave my mom as Christmas gift since she has presbyopia for years. This 10x magnify mirror is super! Embedded led lights are bright, neck can be justified to different angles and very stady standing on the table. It’s not a big one but can be picked up easily which means you don’t need to lean your neck to it - Jenny.

Get it for $17 from Amazon.

7. Removable Unicorn Wall Decals Stickers Decor

Removable Unicorn Wall Decals Stickers Decor

Promising review: I surprised my granddaughter by remodeling her bedroom while the family was on vacation. I painted the walls purple and decorated using the unicorn decals. Instead of applying all in one area, I placed the unicorns over the head of the bed, then spread out the hearts and stairs all around the room. It did take using a credit card and running it over the decals a few times to ensure adherence, which was easy to do. Her room looks fantastic! - KMusarra.

Get it for $10 from Amazon.

8. Indoor/Outdoor Rug Entryway Welcome Mat

Indoor/Outdoor Rug Entryway Welcome Mat

Why settle for one door mat when you can have two? Enjoy 2 Sierra Concepts indoor outdoor entryway door mat rugs. A beautiful color of steel grey/black combination brings out the true home decor. The rugged high quality ribbed polyester design allows you to scrape dirt and debris from your shoes. Let the welcome mat clean off your shoes.

Perfect for inside or outside entryways near door, closets, laundry, garage, patio or other high traffic indoor, outdoor areas. Get it for $18 from Amazon.

9. Washtown Runner Rug

Washtown Runner Rug

Tired of the dull look of your laundry room? Place this charming laundry mat in front of your washer and dryer, and voila! It will add an instant pop of color and energize the dull space. This runner/mat will take the dual job of being visually appealing and fighting stains and spills from your laundry chores. It will also provide a clean spot underneath your newly washed clothes in case you drop them while trying to place them in your washer or dryer.

Get it for $12 from Amazon.

10. Set of 3 Floating U Shelves

Set of 3 Floating U Shelves

These U shelves are functional and attractive alike. It matches almost every decor and is great for your kitchen, dining room, living room or office. Use it as a practical shelf or to display collectibles, photos etc. or decorative items. It's easy to mount and comes with all necessary mounting hardware. It measures; Large-16.85 x 4 x 4. Medium-12.87 x 4 x 3.5. Small-9 x 4 x 2.83 inches.

Get it for $15 from Amazon.

11. Artificial Succulents set of 3 mini Realistic Fake Plants

Artificial Succulents set of 3 mini Realistic Fake Plants

Promising review: I bought these for someone else, so they could have the look of real plants without any chance of killing them! ;) I was pleased with how cute they are, and they look quite real. I have tons of real houseplants, and I sat these among them before giving them as a gift- I couldn't tell them from the real ones unless I looked really close. A nice little gift, and even I would enjoy them for lighting up those dark little corners with greenery where real plants won't grow - Lee.

Get it for $10 from Amazon.

12. Floating Wall Ledges

 Floating Wall Ledges

Promising review: I was looking for some floating shelves to add some simple decor. I am a fan of these because most floating shelves require putting big holes in your walls. These were really easy to install and will be easy to take down. They are small, but they hold my small plants perfectly. Would recommend.

Get it for $12 from Amazon.

13. Rustic Mason Jar Wall Decor Sconces

Rustic Mason Jar Wall Decor Sconces

Promising review: I always wanted to do something with my kitchen window, and then I saw these mason jars from Amazon. They add a sense of fun and they fill the space with warmth and elegance! They came with two pieces of solid wood boards which needed to be mounted into the wall and the jars also came with white hydrangeas, which I hung on the hooks on the boards. It's super easy to assemble and made a big difference to the window, love it! - Rick&April.

Get it for $17 from Amazon.


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