2020 Best GPS Trackers for Tracking People, Equipment and Vehicles

The four tracking devices we’ve included on our list all have monthly payment plans that provide real-time location tracking, with updates sent directly to your phone or computer. With delays between five and 60 seconds depending on your selected program, the devices enable users to quickly check in on their loved ones. That means being able to confirm that your child arrived safely home from school, and your elderly relative hasn’t gotten confused and wandered away from home.

The tracking devices are also useful when placed in cars, which is excellent news for parents of young drivers. With location history, parents can confirm that their kids didn’t make any unannounced side trips, which is especially useful to note during school hours or if mom and dad are out for the night.

The devices are lightweight and small and can easily fit in a child’s backpack or on the belt loop or in the pocket of an elderly relative. Similar in size and weight to a key fob, we like that the tracking devices are discreet enough that they can be hidden if necessary, for example, from a loved one with memory issues who may not react well to knowing they’re being watched for their own safety.

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1. Tracki 2020 Model Mini Real time GPS Tracker. Full USA & Worldwide Coverage. For Vehicles, Car, Kids

2020 Best GPS Trackers for Tracking People, Equipment and Vehicles

With Tracki device, easily track people, cars or assets in real time. Always know what is going on at anytime, anywhere. Tracki with the built-in SIM card Worldwide GPS Tracker allows you to monitors location with pinpoint accuracy and track anywhere discreetly while giving you real-time updates. Whether you’re watching the movements of loved ones when you’re not around, guarding expensive items against theft, or monitoring your delivery drivers’ routes, the Tracki 3G Tracker gives you the reliable, real-time tracking performance you need.

Use Tracki for any tracking purpose! Don’t spend too much time and energy looking for stolen, misplaced, and/or lost items. Tracki will solve those issues. Keep tabs on your most important items track your precious things in real-time, alerting and sending notifications through app, text and email. Tracki's location is accessible on any computer or Android or iPhone apps. with GPS/GSM/Wi-Fi/Bluetooth tracking, accurately locate anything within 10-60 feet (3-20 meters).

Get it for $50 from Amazon.

2. Personal GPS Tracker - Mini, Portable, Track in Real Time - 4G LTE

Personal GPS Tracker - Mini, Portable, Track in Real Time - 4G LTE

Never worry or wonder again. The Prime Tracker Mini GPS Location Tracker tells you exactly where your loved ones and valuable possessions are, and where they’ve been. Ultra-compact, lightweight, discrete and durable, it slips easily into bags, backpacks, trunks, and pockets, keeping you instantly in the know with just a simple click on your computer, tablet or smart phone.

Get it for $50 from Amazon.

3. Waterproof Real Time Car GPS Tracker

Waterproof Real Time Car GPS Tracker

Promising review: It was very easy installation for me . Had it for 5 weeks And product works fine . I have no problem with it .And seller responds less than 24 hours that is surprisingly fast for an oversea seller . And as long as you have the right sim card you will have no problem installing this device - Muk.

Get it for $51 from Amazon.

4. GeoZilla GPS Location Tracker for Kids, Elderly, Pets and Luggage

GeoZilla GPS Location Tracker for Kids, Elderly, Pets and Luggage

GeoZilla is the first of its kind location tracking app that works across platforms, to bring together location of your entire family and your valuables within one app. Unlike similar trackers, GeoZilla relies on GPS and global GSM networks, which means it offers worldwide coverage and PRECISE tracking!

It's so small and lightweight you can put it in the smallest woman’s purse or clip it discreetly to clothing and shoes. It’s durable design also makes it perfect for using on pet’s collars and in kid’s belongings. Its small size (dimensions: 47 mm x 41 mm x 17 mm / weight: 30 grams) and long battery life makes it a great option for busy families.

Geozilla allows you set up alerts to suit your needs and lifestyle. Create geo-fencing to notify you when a loved one or pet leaves a designated area. Get notified when your child deviates from their normal school day path. Set-up an SOS button to notify a designated person when you activate it. Feel secure knowing you can find your family when you need to.

Get it for $60 from Amazon.


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