2020 Best Noise Cancelling Headphones Under £100 in The UK

The best noise-canceling headphones can help you slip into audio nirvana in all kinds of situations, whether you're commuting and trying to escape the sound of traffic and sniffling fellow commuters, on a long-haul flight and need to drown out the sound of kids screaming or just want to get away from everything and get comfy with your favorite music at home.

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1. Active Noise Cancelling Headphones, Boltune

2020 Best Noise Cancelling Headphones Under £100 in The UK

Promising review: These headphones are simply, outstanding. In my opinion, there is no better option when it comes to bang for buck. This is the best pair of headphones you can get, at more than half the price of leading brands.

To give you a little background; I am very fussy about audio, therefore have a small collection of branded headphones. I have tried and tested multiple brands, so have a good understanding of what different companies offer. I have tried both the original Boltune headphones. I am now reviewing the 2019 upgrade.

These are hands down; the most wearable, comfortable and high performance headphones, I have ever owned. I have ADHD, an Autistic trait I suffer with, is over stimulation of audio (Noise being too loud). Slipping these headphones on & switching the noise cancelling on, helps me cut out the busy world. It brings my brain to an organised, calm place. Not only that, but the squishy headrest and weight of the headphones, I find very theraputic to wear - Hopsie.

Get it from Amazon UK for £60.

2. Mpow Noise Cancelling Headphones

Mpow Noise Cancelling Headphones

Mpow H12 Bluetooth 5.0 Wireless Headphones are equipped with the advanced hybrid noise-cancelling technology, put them on, turn on the ANC and you will create an oasis of calm. The acoustics are expertly tuned by Mpow sound engineers to deliver rich and powerful listening experiences. Go where the music takes you with the immersive listening experience brought by Mpow.

Get it from Amazon UK for £50.

3. Soundcore Life Q20 Bluetooth Headphones

Soundcore Life Q20 Bluetooth Headphones

Life Q20 Bluetooth headphones pull out all the stops to ensure the music you love listening to always sound its best. Certified Hi-Res Audio with extended treble, enhanced clarity, and fine detailing are further optimized by a exclusive BassUp technology. And to stop ambient sounds from disrupting your listening experience, simply activate hybrid active noise cancellation mode to instantly immerse yourself in the song.

Get it from Amazon UK for £49.

4. Sony WH-CH700N Wireless Bluetooth Noise Cancelling Headphones

Sony WH-CH700N Wireless Bluetooth Noise Cancelling Headphones

Promising review: Best headphones bought so far. I have two pair of Bose but not noise cancelling type so thought about the Q35 II. I decided that my level of requirements for noise cancelling did not warrant the price tag of the Q35 II. I tried the Sony set prior to buying and was very happy with the quality against the Q35 from Bose. Other main retailers are selling at £149 but got my set at £109 and I am over the moon with them. Quality and function control is fantastic - DEL.

Get it from Amazon UK for £99.

5. FITFORT Active Noise Cancelling Headphones

FITFORT Active Noise Cancelling Headphones

Promising review: Excellent headphones. Good bass sound. Beautiful look and feel to the design. Wireless works perfectly. Intuitive buttons on right cup allow you to up/down the volume, pause/play or jump to previous/next song. Very comfortable over ear headphones. Not too heavy. My only minor gripe is that while it plays songs loud, it's not quite as LOUD as I like, especially outdoors. Also the noise reduction reduces most noise but amplifies people talking, which means it is useless in an office environment. As a result I never use the noise reduction. However, this is still probably the best set of headphones I've ever bought - Acton.

Get it from Amazon UK for £40.

6. Taotronics active noise cancelling headphones

Taotronics active noise cancelling headphones

Promising review: I have been using these for 8 months now and they are very cheap for a good quality headphones, they are completely plastic build but has a sturdy and nice flexible feel. The sound quality is amazing for this price and the noise cancelling isn't amazing but it does do the job for most places such as air travel and crowded malls. Battery life is quite impressive as it lasts me almost a week on one charge and it only takes 1 hour+ to fully charge. Overall it is a very good product and would definitely recommend it - KP.

Get it from Amazon UK for £40.

7. Meidong Active Noise Cancelling Bluetooth Headphones

Meidong Active Noise Cancelling Bluetooth Headphones

Promising review: I would like to say that the appearance and comfort of these headphones are great and the bluetooth function is easy to use. I just spent the entire day traveling on planes and in airports and the battery life is very good. At one stop I did add a bit of charge to them but just to be safe type thing and I don't believe I would have had an issue if I didn't. They also come with a plug so that if you wanted to use them with a unit that had no bluetooth, they would also work. Overall the noise canceling works well as long as there is a song playing. However at that point in between songs you can hear quite a bit of outside noise and on planes you still get some of the plane noise. This didn't bother me and for the price and I'm very happy. I did have a previous pair of Bose NC headphones and they cancelled almost all noise but then again they were way more expensive and #2 they died after 2 years. These fit what I needed and at a price I could be happy with - Mihaita alexa.

Get it from Amazon UK for £40.


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