Celebrities Posting Updates Amid COVID-19 Spread

Taylor Swift and Ashley Graham led a slew of celebrities posting updates on social media amid the spread of the coronavirus. The two top stars were joined by several other celebrities including John Legend, Olivia Culpo, Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban as the did their best to promote social distancing.

1. Taylor Swift shares cute snap of cat self-quarantining: For Meredith, self quarantining is a way of life. Be like Meredith.

Taylor Swift shares cute snap of cat self-quarantining

2. 32-year-old plus-size model Ashley Graham shares a beautiful message with her fans.

32-year-old plus-size model Ashley Graham

The times we are in feel surreal and have put everything into perspective. I’m using this time to appreciate the family time I get to enjoy with Justin and Issac. But we have to acknowledge that it’s a big adjustment to stay inside all day, so remember to also check in and take care of your mental health. Though the times are tough I choose to hold on to comfort given in the eternal command, “Fear not.” I have faith for the now and faith for the future. As we know faith without the necessary work behind it doesn’t mean much.

I believe it’s important for us to remain positive, level-headed, calm, and to continue to support each other. It’s also important to take this seriously; if your job allows, socially distance yourself. Even if you’re young and healthy it’s up to all of us to do our part and protect others, especially the elderly and immuno compromised.

I also want to shine a light on those who don’t have the option of staying home from work, those who are missing vital pay checks, and the children who are missing out on free or reduced lunches they depend on at school. Thank you to the healthcare workers who are working tirelessly and risking their own health to protect us all. We’re all in this together, so in the spirit of “love thy neighbor” let’s lead with love and kindness.

3. Arnold Schwarzenegger, the 72-year-old actor-turned-politician, addressed his worried fans (especially those in California) by telling them what they should be doing to help manage the outbreak of the disease.

In the video that he posted, Arnie can be seen feeding carrots to his adorable pets: Whiskey the miniature horse and Lulu the donkey. The Austrian Oak is self-isolating and the big question is: are you?

In an adorable video, Arnie feeds his miniature horse and donkey carrots, while telling us to stay at home during the coronavirus outbreak

4. Cristiano Ronaldo' message to the world


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