Toilet roll sales soar by nearly 1,000% on Amazon while online retailer shifts double the numbers of aspirin, cereal and batteries compared to last year. Toilet roll sales have gone through the roof on Amazon in the first two weeks of March following panic buying as concerns over coronavirus grow.

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Groceries, Medicines, Cleaning supplies, and Toilet Paper Sales soar by nearly 1,000% on Amazon

As Americans retreat to their homes to weather the coronavirus pandemic, they are increasingly turning to Amazon to get basic necessities such as groceries, as well as medicines, cleaning supplies, and, of course, toilet paper.

This unexpected surge in demand has prompted the online retailer to make plans to hire 100,000 additional warehouse employees, while raising wages by $2 per hour through the end of April, according to a memo revealed Monday.

But Amazon’s response has also, many workers say, created a potential internal public health crisis, even as it responds to the needs of untold numbers of customers who are now in self-quarantine to promote the greater public good.

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Workers said they fear that the company isn’t doing enough to protect the spread of the virus within its hundreds of fulfillment centers, sortation centers, and delivery stations around the country.

By Monday evening, more than 1,500 Amazon employees had signed a petition that began circulating last Monday demanding time-and-a-half hazard pay, paid sick leave regardless of diagnosis, paid childcare, reprieve from productivity-based performance penalties, and the closure of any facility where an employee is infected.

Amazon's surge in sales comes as online food deliveries in the UK are booked in to April as supermarkets warn they cannot 'feed the nation' alone and encourage families to help those in self-isolation.

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