Top 10 Kitchen Tools That Can Improve Your Cooking

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Perhaps you're a novice home cook trying to improve your skills, or maybe you're a more advanced chef looking for some new kitchen tools. These are the kitchen products that reviewers say actually helped them become better cooks.

1. Herb Stripper: Stainless Steel Kale and Herb Stripping Tool

Herb Stripper: Stainless Steel Kale and Herb Stripping Tool

Promising review: Works awesome! Couldn’t be happier with it, bought it for kale and it gets the job done quick ! So happy I don’t have to stand there chopping at it forever lol! - Amazon Customer.

Get it for  $14 from Amazon US and £8 from Amazon UK.

2. Kitchen Gizmo Snap N Strain

Kitchen Gizmo Snap N Strain

The Kitchen Gizmo Snap N' strain's universal design will take the strain out of straining. This top quality heat-resistant, silicone colander is the newest, most practical way to get your food strained thoroughly while avoiding transferring the food out of the pot. The Snap N' Strain is flexible enough to fit onto nearly all pots, pans, and bowls. It snaps on neatly with two clips. The clips' strong grip will keep it safely attached while in use and can be left attached to the pot while cooking. Once snapped the pot can be tilted over a sink or bowl and the Snap N' Strain will do its magic. The liquids will be poured out while the food remains in the pot, even with heavier foods like potatoes. 

Get it for $17 from Amazon US and £8 from Amazon UK.

3. Home Hero Kitchen Utensil Set

Home Hero Kitchen Utensil Set

With this premium 23-piece high-quality utensil set, you have everything at hand you need for cooking, no matter what dish you are planning to make. It features the most extensive selection of cooking utensils currently on the market.

Get it for $25 from Amazon.

4. Vegetable Spiralizer

Vegetable Spiralizer

Tired of using big clunky tools that take up space in your kitchen? Fullstar pocket-sized spiralizer fits just about anywhere, and is able to handle anything from carrots, zucchini and apples. It only consists of 4x parts and is easy to disassemble and clean.

Get it for $10 from Amazon.

5. Instant Read Meat Thermometer for Grill and Cooking

Instant Read Meat Thermometer for Grill and Cooking

Promising review: I had never owned a meat thermometer before but after a few times eating under cooked meat decided to get one. Very impressed with the company for delivery,customer follow up and an excellent product at a good price. We had a barbecue the other night and used the thermometer and the meat was done to perfection.My son was so impressed he asked me to order him one which I did and once again the service was impeccable. Would recommend this product and company to other people looking for a meat thermometer - Paul R. Chalmers.

Get it for $18 from Amazon.

6. Master Meatball Making Tool

Master Meatball Making Tool

If you love eating meatballs, but not making them, look no further. The Meatball Master is designed to take the hassle of rolling or scooping meatballs away by making 32 meatballs at once. The meatballs you'll enjoy from the Meatball Master are more tender because the meat has not been over-worked. Just spread your mix in the bottom tray and close the lid.

Get it for $25 from Amazon.

7. Stalk Chop Cauliflower Prep Tool

Stalk Chop Cauliflower Prep Tool

A powerfully simple cauliflower tool makes wrangling this tough vegetable surprisingly quick and easy. StalkChop safely takes the hard work out of seperating florets from stalk so that cauliflower and broccoli can go from vegetable drawer to dinner plate in a flash.

Get it for $7 from Amazon.

8. Kitchen Knife Sharpener

Kitchen Knife Sharpener

Believe it or not, a dull knife is one of the most dangerous objects in your kitchen. When a blade isn’t sharp enough to properly cut food, it can easily slip from your control, nicking your hands or fingers.

Keep cooking fun, safe and healthy with the Knife Sharpener by Kitchellence! The 3-step system begins with a diamond rod slot that gently repairs and straightens damaged blades. You can even use it for ceramic knives! Next, tungsten steel provides coarse sharpening that restores the blade to a V-shape before the 3rd slot creates a stunning polish.

Get it for $18 from Amazon.

9. 10Pcs/set Silicone Heat Resistant Kitchen Cooking Utensils

10Pcs/set Silicone Heat Resistant Kitchen Cooking Utensils

Promising review: Great product, it does look like the picture and they all are made of silicone. They have nice soft bendable edges which are great to use with my teflon coated pots and skillets. I bought them a while ago and they still like new have not had any problem with scratching my cookware set. Definitely worth it - Bel.

Get it for $20 from Amazon.

10. How to Cook Everything The Basics: All You Need to Make Great Food--With 1,000 Photos

How to Cook Everything The Basics

Mark Bittman's highly acclaimed, bestselling book How to Cook Everything is an indispensable guide for any modern cook. With How to Cook Everything The Basics he reveals how truly easy it is to learn fundamental techniques and recipes. From dicing vegetables and roasting meat, to cooking building-block meals that include salads, soups, poultry, meats, fish, sides, and desserts, Bittman explains what every home cook, particularly novices, should know.

1,000 beautiful and instructive photographs throughout the book reveal key preparation details that make every dish inviting and accessible. With clear and straightforward directions, Bittman's practical tips and variation ideas, and visual cues that accompany each of the 185 recipes, cooking with How to Cook Everything The Basics is like having Bittman in the kitchen with you.

Get it for $23 from Amazon.


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