Top 10 Most Beautiful Women In Europe 2020

Europe…there’s no other place like it in the world! Its fabulous monuments reveal one layer of history after another, and its breathtaking natural scenery couldn’t be more diverse. From wild to elegant, its countries bring together a kaleidoscope of cultures, and its landscapes are as intriguing as its past.

They say that beauty lies in the eye of the beholder, so, naturally, many of you will disagree with my picks of the top ten Most Beautiful Women In Europe 2020, in which case I invite you all to leave your thoughts in the comment section.

In the meantime, let’s have a look at Europe’s top 10 most beautiful women at glance:

  • Penelope Cruz (Spanish)
  • Greta Varlese (Italian)
  • Lene Nystrøm (Norwegian)
  • Eva Green (French)
  • Ivana Mišura (Croatian)
  • Evelina Papantoniou (Greek)
  • Asdis Ran (Iceland)
  • Fahriye Evcen (Turkish)
  • Aisling Friel (Scottish)
  • Annika Grill (Austrian)

1. Penelope Cruz (Spanish)

Top 10 Most Beautiful Women In Europe 2020

Penélope Cruz Sánchez is a Spanish actress and model. Signed by an agent at the age of 15, she made her acting debut at 16 on television, and her feature film debut the following year in Jamón Jamón. Born: 28 April 1974.

Cruz is an international movie star and she got recognised by the international audience after appearing in films like Pirates of Caribbean. Cruz hails from Alcobendas, Spain and she started to work as a model at a tender age of 15.

Penelope appeared in music video in 1989 and she hosted the Spanish TV channel Telecinco’s talk show La Quinta Marcha aimed for teenagers in 1990 and 1991.

2. Greta Varlese (Italian)

Greta Varlese

Greta Varlese is an Italian fashion model. She was once ranked among the top 50 models in the world by models.com. Vogue has called her a "powerhouse".

3. Lene Nystrøm (Norwegian)

Lene Nystrøm

Chances are rare that you will not recognize this beautiful face, but if you don’t, then we can help you recognize her easily by just singing for you the ever-popular “Barbie Girl” song. Yes, Lene Nystrøm was indeed a part of Aqua, the Eurodance group from Denmark. This gorgeous lady is also a musician as well as a songwriter and has tried her luck in movies too. In addition, she top the list of TOP ten most beautiful Norwegian women of all time.

4. Eva Green (French)

Eva Green

Similar to Marion Cotillard, Eva Green is another French actress working in Hollywood who has an irresistibly lovable persona. She has played a beautiful and seductive Bond girl in Casino Royale (2006), a badass and ultra hot villain in 300: rise of an empire (2014) and a sexy but dangerous Ava Lord in Sin city: A Dame to kill for (2014). She is one of the most talented actress in films, one of the most gorgeous woman in the world and the sexiest French woman working in Hollywood.

5. Ivana Mišura (Croatian)

Ivana Mišura

Ivana Mišura is a Croatian model and beauty pageant titleholder who was crowned Miss Universe Hrvatske 2014. She represented her country in the Miss Universe 2014 pageant.

6. Evelina Papantoniou (Greek)

Evelina Papantoniou

Evelina Papantoniou, born 7 June 1979 in Athens, is a Greek actress, model and beauty pageant titleholder.

She started modeling at the age of 15, and worked as a bartender and waitress. She was part of an elite volunteer team that supported and counseled victims after the earthquake which hit Athens in 1999. She has a diploma in Arts and Interior Design and enjoys sculpting, painting and photography. Aside from modeling, she has also had some parts in various films. At the moment, she is pursuing a modeling career, represented by Ace Models Agency and appearing on the covers of numerous fashion magazines, such as Close Up, Vogue, and Madam.

7. Asdis Ran (Iceland)

Asdis Ran

Icelandic model who lives in Bulgaria. Basically posing in  lingerie and topless. Was married to a Bulgarian footballer. Asdis Run is well-known model of Iceland. Her nickname is the Ice Queen. She has received such nickname because of her blonde hair. But the real success came to her in the model industry in Bulgaria. There she has received a huge popularity. Since 2008 Asdis actively began to appear on the numerals covers of magazines, started shooting for advertising companies, appearing in various TV shows. The Ice Queen starred to shoot for many male magazines all over the world and got a lot of popularity. Asdis Ran hosted the show in America called "Bikini Destination". Despite the fact that Asdis has three children, she is still really wonderful and one of the most attractive Icelandic women.

8. Fahriye Evcen (Turkish)

Fahriye Evcen

Born to the Turkish and German parents, Fahriye is an actress, who’s best known for her roles as Necla Tekin on the Yaprak Dökümü. She speaks Turkish, German and English fluently. The mix of German and Turkish makes her one the best looking actress of Turkey. She is no doubt glamorous, outstanding and most attractive woman of Turkey. Also, ranked as most beautiful women in the world lists. She got married Turkish Actor Burak Özçivit in Istanbul in 2017.

9. Aisling Friel (Scottish)

Aisling Friel

Aisling Friel is a model from Glasgow. She was Mary from Dungloe in 2003 and was crowned Miss Scotland in 2005. She married football player Stephen Pearson in 2010, but in 2012 the couple separated. Ms Friel is now married to Glasgow restaurateur Ryan Barrie.

10. Annika Grill (Austrian)

Annika Grill

Annika Grill (born January 26, 1994) is an Austrian model and beauty pageant titleholder who was crowned Miss Austria 2015 or traditionally calls as MISS ÖSTERREICH. She represented her country at the Miss World 2015 pageant.


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