10 Cutest Pics of Anastasia Kvitko, The Russian Kim Kardashian

Anastasia Kvitko ( born November 25, 1994) is a Russian glamour model and entrepreneur. She has been compared on numerous occasions with the beautiful Kim Kardashian thanks to her extremely curvy body. Although her measurements are not "adequate" in the fashion world, she is happy with her attributes and refuses to lose weight. She is 21 years old and her body measurements are what has made her so popular: 38 busts, 24 waists, and 42 hips.

10 Adorable Pics of Russian Kim Kardashian Anastasia Kvitko

Kvitko was born and raised in western Russia in the Kaliningrad Oblast region and moved to the United States in her late teen years. She first moved to Miami to pursue modeling. After a short time in Miami she then moved to Los Angeles to pursue modeling full-time. She is famous for her 38-25-42 figure.

10 Adorable Pics of Russian Kim Kardashian Anastasia Kvitko

After being turned down by multiple modeling agencies, instead of vowing to lose her curves, she has turned them into her trademark. Due to her figure and presence on social media, Kvitko, who had over 6 million Instagram followers as of 2017, was dubbed the Russian Kim Kardashian. She has been bashed by critics and followers who claim that she is deliberately modelling herself on reality star Kim Kardashian. She said in an interview: “I like Kim Kardashian but I don’t quite like being compared to her – she is far behind me."

10 Adorable Pics of Russian Kim Kardashian Anastasia Kvitko

Believe it or not, Anastasiya claims she has never gone through plastic surgery to get the extraordinary figure and outrageous curves she is known for. Even though millions of people believe and cause her of that, she is still attached to her position; claiming she hasn’t done it.

10 Adorable Pics of Russian Kim Kardashian Anastasia Kvitko

In fact, an extremely famous Russian plastic surgery website, Tecrussia, stated that there is no possible way to have that kind of body naturally, no matter how much exercise you do. The only way to do so is through plastic surgery. Who do we believe now?

10 Adorable Pics of Russian Kim Kardashian Anastasia Kvitko

Russian bombshell Anastasiya Kvitko has left fans breathless with her sultry looks in her latest Instagram update. The sexy model has made heads turn in a black bodysuit in which she looks stunning. Anastasiya's latest social media post has taken the internet by storm garnering over 2019 views.

Russian Kim Kardashian Anastasia Kvitko

Known for her hourglass figure, she is often in the spotlight for her hot and sexy photos on social media. She is often compared to British model Demi Rose, who is also one of the most popular Instagram celebrities.

Anastasia Kvitko has more than ten million followers on Instagram. Here more cute Pics from her Instagram account.


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