Selena Gomez Sues Fashion Video Game Company For Using Her Image

Gomez is suing Guangzhou Feidong Software Technology Co., the China-based seller of the game, as well as MutantBox Interactive Limited, the British company that holds copyrights to the game.

Selena Gomez Sues Fashion Video Game Company For Using Her Image

In a Variety report,The suit notes that Gomez has “carefully curated all endorsements and business opportunities” in a way that advances her goals and her image as a role model for youth.

Lawyers for Selena Gomez have filed a $10 million lawsuit against the makers of the online game "Clothes Forever - Styling Game," alleging that one of the characters in very clearly based on the star and that she never agreed to let Chinese gamemaker Gunagzhou Feidong Software Technology Co. (as well as Delaware-based Forgame US Corp. and the U.K.'s Mutantbox Interactive Ltd.) use her image in the app available in Apple's App Store.

selena gomez lawsuit

The suit contains two claims -- violation of and conspiracy to violate statutory right of publicity and violation of and conspiracy to violate common law right of publicity -- in asserting that Gomez was surprised to discover that her image and likeness were used by the defendants in their "bug-riddled mobile game 'Clothes Forever,' which is currently rated a measly 3.5 stars out of 5 by users on the Apple App Store website."

selena gomez lawsuit

It also alleges that the defendants never "requested, consulted or informed Gomez regarding the use of any of her publicity rights in connection with the Game," noting that Gomez would not have consented even if asked, especially since the game "apparently relies on the unsavory practice of luring its users to make in-game purchases in amounts as much as $99.99 to fund imaginary spending in the Game and unlock features."

Outside the lawsuit, Selena Gomez is no longer the most-followed woman on Instagram. The singer has lost her title to Ariana Grande.

The Good For You singer has 173 million followers on the photo and video sharing app while Ariana Grande has surpassed her by amassing over 181 million followers.

Gomez broke an Instagram personal record in 2019 when pictures from her friend's bachelorette party became her own most-liked post on Instagram.


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