The Most Handsome K-Pop Boy Group Idols (2020)

Every K-pop fan knows who their favorite group member is, but who are the most handsome member of K-Pop now? These six member boy group members from YG Entertainment features not only talented Kpop singers, dancers, and rappers, but also some of the hottest guys in Kpop. We know it's hard to choose who your favorite is, so think wisely before ranking the members from best to worst. 

Our list of most handsome K-Pop members includes names, pictures, birthdays, and positions (leader, rapper, vocals, dancer, visual, etc.).

Most Handsome K-Pop Idols (2020)

  • Vernon (Member of SEVENTEEN)
  • V (BTS Member)
  • Lu Han (EXO member)
  • Daesung (Member of Big Bang)
  • Mark Tuan (Member of Got7)
  • Wonho (Member of Monsta X)

1. Vernon (Member of SEVENTEEN)

Born: 18 February 1998, New York, United States
Height: 1.78 m
Full name: Hansol Vernon Chwe
Parents: Vernon Melody, Simon Choi
Nationality: American, South Korean

The Most Handsome K-Pop Boy Group Idols (2020)

It’s official, the members of SEVENTEEN have dubbed Vernon as the most handsome member of the group. The broadcast of SBS POWER FM’s “Lee Guk Joo’s Young Street” on June 12 featured a guest appearance by popular boy group SEVENTEEN. During the show, the members were asked about who they believe has the best visuals in the group, and all of the members came together and chose Vernon.

Hansol Vernon, also known for his stage name Vernon, is a Korean-American Rapper based in South Korea. Hansol is the Main Rapper, Visual, and Face of the Boy Group Seventeen under Pledis Entertainment. He is also part of the Group's Hiphop unit.

2. V (BTS Member)

Born: 30 December 1995, Bisan-dong, Gumi-si, South Korea
Height: 1.78 m
Full name: Kim Tae-hyung
Awards: Hwagwan Order of Cultural Merit (2018)


The first reason why I say V (Kim Taehyung) as most attractive member of the BTS group is his personality. He is a social butterfly who become friend with everyone very quickly. That kind of his friendly personality shows how amazing person he is. Many would say Visual as the first attractive quality of him. But I thought to appreciate his inner beauty first because he really attracted me by his kindness, pure genuine heart, caring type, innocence, unique artistic taste (my favorite), love for his family friends and ARMYs...etc. And also how can I forget his Goofy carefree crazy habits though. He never fails to make me laugh by them.

He is such a sweetheart.

Then his visual and his deep voice, which will definitely make anyone to fall in love with him. His ethereal beauty is another level. I am sure that God wasn't playing while creating him. He is such an art I must say and he is freakishly handsome for no reason. And his Soulful Deep Voice is so calm and relaxing. I literally forget myself as living in this world whenever I hear Taehyung's voice. His latest Winterbear song is my favourite.

Altogether Taehyung's perfection is the reason why everyone loves him more than anything. His stage presence with mind-blowing charisma, his hardwork, dedication sincerity, his unbelievable talent, breathtaking handsome look, genius mind which amazes all of us, good qualities which I love most etc etc etc... are the reasons why all of us are attracted to V aka Kim Taehyung.

3. Lu Han (EXO member)

Born: April 20, 1990 Beijing, China
Years active: 2011–present

Lu Han, also known mononymously as Luhan, is a Chinese singer and actor. He was a member of the South Korean-Chinese boy group Exo and its sub-group Exo-M, before leaving the group in October 2014. That year, he was ranked the sixth most popular entertainment star in China by China National Radio.

Lu Han (EXO member)

Luhan first appeared on the Forbes China Celebrity 100 in 2015, ranking 37th. He rose up 35 spots to rank 2nd in 2017, becoming the highest ranked male celebrity in China. In 2016, Luhan was featured on Business of Fashion's "BOF 100" rankings, becoming the only Chinese celebrity to make it onto the rankings, and was given the title of "Most Anticipated Chinese Star". He is also the first celebrity born after 1990 to be named the "Artist of the Year" by China Newsweek.

Luhan is one of the most in-demand brand ambassadors in China, particularly among the younger generation. His endorsement ranges from local products such as Oppo mobile phones and Baidu interactive maps to international ones like Puma and Cartier SA, of which he is their first Asian endorser. On December 1, 2015, Luhan was announced to be the official China ambassador of Star Wars. He released a single titled "The Inner Force", which is the official Chinese promotional theme song for Star Wars: The Force Awakens.

From 2015 to 2016, Luhan appeared on the cover of more than 20 magazines. He became the first Chinese celebrity to grace the covers of Elle China, GQ Style, Forbes China, Harper's Bazaar and Cosmopolitan. He broke the record for having more than 200,000 people buy out a 20,000 limited edition run of a magazine cover in one second.

4. Daesung (Member of Big Bang)

Daesung (Member of Big Bang)

Born: 26 April 1989, Itaewon
Height: 1.78 m
Full name: Kang Dae-sung

That's probably a shocker since he was almost always considered the ugliest member of the Big Bang who has to sing really well if he passed the audition, however there's something to him that makes me love his face. He looks normal, like an ordinary guy we can meet on the streets (at least you Koreans can), he looks kind, nice, funny and even his big nose doesn't change the fact that he is handsome and I'm not gonna change my mind, sorry! (Not sorry!)

Kang Dae-sung, better known by his stage name Daesung and his Japanese stage name D-Lite, is a South Korean singer, actor and television personality who made his musical debut in 2006 as a member of the South Korean boy band Big Bang under the record label YG Entertainment.

5. Mark Tuan (Member of Got7)

Mark Tuan (Member of Got7)

Born: 4 September 1993, Los Angeles, California, United States
Height: 1.75 m
Nationality: American

Mark also known as Tuan Yi-Eun, born on September 4th, 1993, is the oldest of the GOT7 members. He is an American Citizen of Taiwanese descent and lived in Brazil and Paraguay when he was younger before his family moved back to the US. He was in the US in 2010 and came to Korea to train in that year.

6. Wonho (Member of Monsta X)

Wonho (Member of Monsta X)

Born: 1 March 1993, Gunpo-si, South Korea
Height: 1.77 m
Full name: Lee Ho-seok

Shin Hoseok or Lee Hoseok, better known as Wonho, was born in Anyang, South Korea on March 1st, 1993. He was the lead vocalist and visual of South Korean hip hop boy group, Monsta X. Wonho stands at 5 feet 10 inches and has a phobia for heights. He is a gadget freak and keeps himself updated with the latest trends. He idolizes the American rapper, Kanye West. This Monsta X member has black and white as his favorite colors, and cats and dogs as his favorite animals.

Starship announced his departure from the group on October 31, 2019 as he did not want his recent allegations to negatively affect the group. On November 1, 2019, Starship announced that they have terminated their contract with him.


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