Top 10 People Who Died While Taking Risky Selfies

This is a list of serious deaths in which one or more subjects of a selfie were killed, either before, during or after having taken a photo of themselves, with the accident at least in part attributed to the taking of the photo.

According to report, India has so far recorded more than 60% of all the reported selfie-related deaths. According to a study by Indraprastha Institute of Information in India and Carnegie Mellon University in the US, 76 of the 127 reported deaths occurred in India. In 2020, another year of tragic selfies is shaping up in India. A 21-year-old student was recently hit by a train and died on the spot while trying to take a selfie in West Bengal. The Indian Government is currently taking measures to curb this sad phenomenon. For instance, there are plans to set-up “no-selfie zones.”

A 2018 study of news reports showed that between October 2011 and November 2017, there were 259 selfie deaths in 137 incidents reported globally, with the highest occurrences in India, followed by Russia, United States, and Pakistan. The mean age was 23 years old, with male deaths outnumbering female about three to one.

10 People Who Died While Taking Risky Selfies

1. Couple died in Yosemite fall while taking selfie

People Who Died While Taking Risky Selfies

An Indian husband and wife who fell to their deaths from a popular overlook at Yosemite National Park were apparently taking a selfie, the man’s brother reported. Park rangers recovered the bodies of 29-year-old Vishnu Viswanath and 30-year-old Meenakshi Moorthy on Thursday about 800 feet below Taft Point, where visitors can walk to the edge of a vertigo-inducing granite ledge that doesn’t have a railing.

2. Russian teenager Xenia Ignatyeva

Russian teenager Xenia Ignatyeva

According to friends that witnessed the tragedy, Xenia mishandled the selfie stick and fell from hundreds of feet up in the air. You will be shocked to know she died before impact, as live wires drove a scandalous amount of volts through her frail body. As expected, this failed selfie did not scare the generations of Russian daredevils that scale high-rise buildings more boldly than SpiderMan.

3. Schoolboy dies after trying to take 'extreme selfie' on ninth-floor rooftop

Schoolboy dies after trying to take 'extreme selfie

On September 2015, the 17-year-old student apparently climbed to the top of a building in Vologda, Russia, with a companion one evening last week with the intention of creating a photo of himself dangling off the towering structure.

Armed with rope and his phone, he approached the edge of the rooftop in the fading light and lowered himself over it. But seconds later, the rope gave way and he plummeted nine floors, according to local media reports.

4. The last selfie of a pilot

The last selfie of a pilot

In 2014, the 29-year-old pilot of a Cessna 150K in Colorado killed himself, and a passenger while taking selfies as he flew the plane. A GoPro camera mounted to the dash of the plane captured the pilot and his passengers taking photos and texting.

5. Mother-of-two, 27, who fell to her death while trying to take a selfie on a 27th floor balcony

Died While Taking Risky Selfies

Photographs have emerged of the Portuguese woman who was filmed falling off a balcony of a high-rise building in Panama while trying to take a selfie on a Friday.

Sandra Manuela Da Costa Macedo, 27, had just recently arrived to Panama where she had a job as a teacher, according to the Portuguese newspaper O Minho. Macedo was a native of the northern Portuguese town of Aves. She is survived by two children. Susana Cunha Barros, a Portuguese woman, posted a tribute on Facebook to Macedo.

6. French tourist falls to his death while trying to take selfie atop Thailand waterfall

French tourist falls to his death while trying to take selfie

A French tourist plunged 260 feet to his death in Thailand while attempting to snap a photo at the top of the same waterfall where a different selfie-seeker suffered a fatal fall over the summer. Bastien Palmier was visiting the Na Mueang 2 waterfall on the tropical island of Koh Samui when the deadly incident occurred. He’d been vacationing with his friend, Thomas Mechin, and the pair stopped by the famous tourist location, well-known for its white sand beaches.

Authorities told the Nydailynews that the area is roped off and that there is a clear sign warning visitors about the precarious perch — but Palmier, 33, was undeterred.

7. Posing with a Gun

Posing with a Gun

The scenario is simple, and it involves holding the finger on the trigger in a self-menacing way. However, it is easy to forget which button to push. That is precisely what happened with a 43-year-old African-American from Concrete, Washington.

To make matters worse, he was right beside his girlfriend who witnessed the entire scene and, as a bonus, had to repaint the room herself. No pink or red tones for sure!

8. Couple killed in horror crash just 20 minutes after taking smiling selfie

Couple killed in horror crash

The family of a couple who died in a motorbike accident have shared their last selfie together. Lee-Anne Parkin, 40, and Steve Carroll, 43, had posed for the photo outside a cafe in Driffield, East Yorkshire. But just 20 minutes later, the pair collided with a car while biking on a B road nearby. Steve was pronounced dead at the scene, but an air ambulance took Lee-Anne to hospital, where she died a week later.

9. Baby falls to her death in India after slipping from mother's arms during selfie-taking on escalator

Baby falls to her death in India

A 10-month-old baby was caught on video falling to her death at a shopping mall in India on Thursday (May 10, 2018), after she slipped out of her mother's arms while on an escalator. The incident occurred while the parents were preoccupied with taking a selfie, media reports said.

10. Daredevil falls to his death in China while trying to take an 'extreme selfie'

Daredevil falls to his death in China while trying to take an 'extreme selfie'

A Chinese daredevil fell to his death while attempting to take an "extreme" selfie. The fall was captured on video, and the clip quickly spread on popular Chinese social media platform Weibo after Beijing Youth Daily first shared it. This was despite the deceased family's plea for it not to be made public. The incident was reported on several Chinese and Hong Kong news sites.

The unfortunate incident took place at the 62-storey Huayuan Hua Centre, one of the tallest buildings in Changsha, the capital of Hunan province, on Nov. 8. 2017.

In the video that captured his fall, he can be seen hanging on to the parapet of a building while his legs hung loose in the air.

Chinese daredevil fell to his death

He climbed up to safety twice before lowering himself down by the side of the building again.

Chinese daredevil fell to his death

Unfortunately, his hands slipped and he fell from the building.

Chinese daredevil fell to his death

Gifs taken from the original Youtube video. You can watch the video on Youtube.

It was reported that the stunt he was filming would earn him (S$20,000) from a sponsor.


Stay focused on your surroundings: Tripping, slipping and falling, whether into water or from great heights, have all led to selfie deaths. One moment of inattention or distraction could mean the difference between life and death.

Travel often involves risks. But taking selfies should not be one of them. “No picture, no matter how fantastic, is worth injuring yourself or others,” says Kupper, a travel advisor who spoke on how to stay safe when taking selfies. Remember to be alert and aware at all times when you are on the road. And consider putting that camera away to be in the moment and enjoy the view.


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