Black Female Police Officer Stands Up For A Woman Who Was Pushed Down By A white Cop

In the midst of the protests over the killing of George Floyd in Minnesota, footage of a male cop pushing a kneeling black woman to the ground emerged. But the incident, which happened in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, didn’t stay unnoticed.

Black Female Police Officer Stands Up For A Woman Who Was Pushed Down By A white Cop

One black female officer stepped up to confront the cop over his actions. The video shows her yelling and what appears to be scolding as the male cop is running away. The brave officer is now being praised online and one protester behind the camera can be heard shouting “yes, thank you.” Let’s take a close look at the disturbing incident down below.

The video shows a female protester on her knees demonstrating. Pohorence appears to push her in the back or in the head, toward the pavement, as he walks past.

Other officers then push that officer away as protesters throw items in his direction. Krystal Smith has been identified as the officer who stepped in immediately and appeared to admonish Poherence while moving him away from the situation.

“While it wasn’t resulting in injury, it obviously needs to be looked into,” Maglione said. “If disciplinary action needs to be taken, it will. And it will be swift and corrective in nature.

“I also want to commend the other officers that were there for identifying there was an issue rather quickly and separating the parties,” Maglione continued. “And that’s what they should do when they see something that they don’t feel is right, or an interaction that they feel is going south.”


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