Top 10 Best Ed Sheeran Songs of All Time, #1: Shape of You

It's sad that people have the image of Ed Sheeran as the singer of Shape of You while there are many better songs that he has composed and written. Sheeran has sold more than 150 million records worldwide, making him one of the world's best-selling music artists. He has 84.5 million RIAA-certified units in the US, and two of his albums are in the list of the best-selling albums in UK chart history: x at number 20, and ÷ at number 34. In December 2019, the Official Charts Company named him artist of the decade, with the most combined success in the UK album and singles charts in the 2010s. Globally, Spotify named him the second most streamed artist of the decade. 

Top 10 Best Ed Sheeran Songs of All Time, #1: Shape of You

Beginning in March 2017, his ÷ Tour became the highest-grossing of all time in August 2019. An alumnus of the National Youth Theatre in London, as an actor Sheeran’s roles include appearing in the 2019 film Yesterday.

Here are the top most popular and best Ed Sheeran songs of all time:

1. Shape of You

Released: 6 January 2017

The dancehall-infused pop song was written by Ed Sheeran, Steve Mac and Johnny McDaid. Due to its interpolation of "No Scrubs" by TLC, Kandi Burruss, Tameka "Tiny" Cottle, and Kevin "She'kspere" Briggs are also credited as writers. The song was produced by Sheeran and Mac. The song won the Grammy Award for Best Pop Solo Performance at the 60th Annual Grammy Awards. In 2018, Billboard ranked "Shape of You" as the ninth most successful song of all-time, as the magazine celebrated the Hot 100's 60th anniversary.

The club isn't the best place to find a lover
So the bar is where I go
Me and my friends at the table doing shots
Drinking fast and then we talk slow
Come over and start up a conversation with just me
And trust me I'll give it a chance now
Take my hand, stop, put Van the Man on the jukebox
And then we start to dance, and now I'm singing like....

2. Thinking Out Loud

Released: 2014

In June 2015, "Thinking Out Loud" became the first single to spend a full year in the UK top 40. In September 2015, it also became the seventh single to have achieved triple platinum certification in the UK during the 21st century. In October 2015, the song became the first to be streamed over 500 million times on Spotify, is also one of the most streamed songs in the UK and has been viewed more than 3.0 billion times on YouTube as of May 2020.

"Thinking Out Loud" received nominations for Grammy Award for Record of the Year, Song of the Year and Best Pop Solo Performance at the 58th Grammy Awards, winning the latter two.

When your legs don't work like they used to before
And I can't sweep you off of your feet
Will your mouth still remember the taste of my love
Will your eyes still smile from your cheeks
And darling I will be loving you 'til we're 70
And baby my heart could still fall as hard at 23
And I'm thinking 'bout how people fall in love in mysterious ways
Maybe just the touch of a hand
Oh me I fall in love with you every single day
And I just wanna tell you I am......

3. Perfect

Released: 2017

In March 2017, Sheeran broke the record set by Frankie Laine in 1953, occupying all of the top five positions in the United Kingdom, and placing nine songs in the top ten of the UK Singles Chart. Also, every single one of the sixteen tracks from his new album ÷ entered the top twenty. "Perfect" debuted at number four, selling 62,599 copies. After Sheeran's performance of "Perfect" on The X Factor on 26 November 2017, the song reached a new peak in the UK, advancing to number three and selling 32,507 units. The Beyoncé version, released on 1 December 2017, drove consumption of the track to 89,359 sales (including 45,460 from sales-equivalent streams) as it became Sheeran's second number-one song from ÷, following "Shape of You" – and his fourth number-one single in total. With UK sales of 1,048,313, "Perfect" became Sheeran's tenth million-selling single. It was the Christmas number-one song for 2017, and held the summit for six consecutive weeks before being displaced by Eminem's "River", which features Sheeran as a guest artist.

I found a love for me
Darling, just dive right in
And follow my lead
Well, I found a girl, beautiful and sweet
I never knew you were the someone waiting for me
'Cause we were just kids when we fell in love
Not knowing what it was
I will not give you up this time
Darling, just kiss me slow, your heart is all I own
And in your eyes, you're holding mine.......

4. Photograph

Released: 2014

The single's release on May 11 2015 followed the premiere of the music video on May 9 2015. The video is a montage of real home footage of Sheeran's infancy, childhood and adolescence, providing insight on his private early life such as his inclination to playing music instruments and fondness of Lego. The video was nominated for Best Video at the 2016 Brit Awards. Sheeran performed the song on television shows and on his x Tour, which ran from 2014 to 2015.

Loving can hurt, loving can hurt sometimes
But it's the only thing that I know
When it gets hard, you know it can get hard sometimes
It is the only thing that makes us feel alive
We keep this love in a photograph
We made these memories for ourselves
Where our eyes are never closing
Hearts are never broken
And time's forever frozen still....

5. One

Released: 16 May 2014

"One" is a song recorded by English singer-songwriter Ed Sheeran for his second studio album, x (2014). Sheeran wrote the song immediately after releasing his debut album, + (2011). It marked the last occasion wherein Sheeran wrote about his former girlfriend, who inspired all the romantic compositions on +. "One" was produced by frequent collaborator Jake Gosling and its music was based primarily on acoustic guitar. Critics were generally positive toward the song; it was noted for its guitar-driven sound and Sheeran's use of falsetto.

Tell me that you'll turned down the man
Who asks for your hand
'Cause you're waiting for me
And I know, you're gonna be away a while
But I've got no plans at all to leave
And would you take away my hopes and dreams?
And just stay with me, ooh...

6. The A Team

Released‎: ‎12 June 2011

It became a top 10 hit in Australia, Germany, Ireland, Israel, Japan, Luxembourg, New Zealand, Norway, the Netherlands, and the United Kingdom. It debuted at number three on the UK Singles Chart, with sales of 57,607 copies. The song was serviced to US radio formats in late 2012 and became a sleeper hit there, gradually rising up the Billboard Hot 100 to peak at number 16, becoming Sheeran's first single on that chart. On 5 December, the song received a Grammy Award nomination for Song of the Year, Sheeran's first Grammy Award nomination. At the 2012 Brit Awards, it was nominated for Best British Single.

White lips, pale face
Breathing in snowflakes
Burnt lungs, sour taste
Light's gone, day's end
Struggling to pay rent
Long nights, strange men
And they say
She's in the class A Team
She's stuck in her daydream
Been this way since eighteen
But lately her face seems
Slowly sinking, wasting
Crumbling like pastries
And they scream
The worst things in life come free to her....

7. Give Me Love

Released: 2011

It was released as the sixth and final single from his debut studio album, + (pronounced "Plus"), on 21 November 2012. The song was written by Sheeran, Jake Gosling and Chris Leonard. The single peaked at number 18 on the UK Singles Chart. On the album, Sheeran's cover of the traditional Scottish folk song "The Parting Glass" is included at the end as a bonus track. A cover of the song recorded live at the Capital FM Studios in London on 30 May 2014, is featured on the deluxe version of American singer Demi Lovato's fourth album, Demi.

Give me love like her
'Cause lately I've been waking up alone
Paint splattered teardrops on my shirt
Told you I'd let them go
And that I'll fight my corner
Maybe tonight I'll call ya
After my blood turns into alcohol
No, I just wanna hold ya
Give a little time to me or burn this out
We'll play hide and seek to turn this around
All I want is the taste that your lips allow
My, my, my, my, oh give me love
My, my, my, my, oh give me love
My, my, my, my, oh give me love
My, my, my, my, oh give me love
My, my, my, my, oh give me love

8. Lego House

Released: 2011

The song received its first radio play on Zane Lowe's BBC Radio 1 show on 8 September 2011 and was Sheeran's first song to make the BBC Radio 2 playlist. The remix featuring P Money premiered on MistaJam's BBC Radio 1Xtra show on 30 September 2011. The music video features Harry Potter actor Rupert Grint, as a play on their similar appearance. The song did well worldwide, reaching top 5 on Australia, Ireland, New Zealand, and the UK Singles Chart, and top 50 on other countries including United States.

I'm gonna pick up the pieces
And build a Lego house
When things go wrong we can knock it down
My three words have two meanings
There's one thing on my mind, it's all for you
And it's dark in a cold December, but I've got ya to keep me warm
And if you're broken I'll mend ya
And keep you sheltered from the storm that's raging on now
I'm out of touch, I'm out of love
I'll pick you up when you're getting down
And out of all these things I've done I think I love you better now
I'm out of sight, I'm out of mind
I'll do it all for you in time
And out of all these things I've done I think I love you better now

9. Small Bump

Released: 25 May 2012

On 26 March 2012, Sheeran announced on Twitter that "Small Bump" would be released as the fifth single from his debut album + saying "Before it gets out there, I'd like to be the first one to announce what the fifth single taken from my album '+' is." He added: "So the single is.... Small Bump." The song is written in the key of B-flat major. The song is about Sheeran's "close friend" and laments a stillborn baby at five months into the pregnancy. It is sung from a first-person perspective. A remix by Asa & Stumbleine was due to feature on the EP but was never finished.

You're just a small bump unborn, in four months you're brought to life
You might be left with my hair, but you'll have your mother's eyes
I'll hold your body in my hands, be as gentle as I can
But for now you're scan of my unmade plans,
A small bump in four months you're brought to life
A small bump in four months you'll open your eyes
I'll whisper quietly, I'll give you nothing but truth
I'll hold you tightly, I'll give you nothing but truth
If you're not inside me, I'll put my future in you
You are my one and only
You can wrap your fingers round my thumb and hold me tight
Oh, you are my one and only
You can wrap your fingers round my thumb and hold me tight
And you'll be alright...

10. I See Fire

Released: 2013

It was commissioned for the soundtrack of the 2013 film The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug, where it was played over the closing credits. The Hobbit director, Peter Jackson, asked Sheeran to write a song for the movie after Jackson's daughter, Katie, suggested Sheeran. Sheeran saw the film, wrote the song, and recorded most of the track elements on the same day.

The song was released as a digital download on 5 November 2013. Its music video was released the same day. It entered the UK Singles Chart at number 13 and reached number one in New Zealand on its sixth week, Sheeran's first number-one single there. "I See Fire" was nominated for a Satellite Award for Best Original Song.

Oh, misty eye of the mountain below
Keep careful watch of my brothers' souls
And should the sky be filled with fire and smoke
Keep watching over Durin's son
If this is to end in fire
Then we should all burn together
Watch the flames climb high into the night
Calling out father oh, stand by and we will
Watch the flames burn on and on the mountain side hey
And if we should die tonight
Then we should all die together
Raise a glass of wine for the last time
Calling out father oh
Prepare as we will
Watch the flames burn on and on the mountain side
Desolation comes upon the sky....

Early life

Edward Christopher Sheeran was born in Halifax, West Yorkshire, England on 17 February 1991. His early childhood home was on Birchcliffe Road in nearby Hebden Bridge. His father was a curator at Cartwright Hall in Bradford and his mother worked at Manchester City Art Gallery. In December 1995 he moved with his family from Hebden Bridge to Framlingham in Suffolk. He has an older brother named Matthew, who works as a composer. Sheeran's parents, John and Imogen, are from London. His paternal grandparents are Irish, and Sheeran has stated that his father is from a "very large" Catholic family.

 Net worth

In June 2015, Forbes listed his earnings at $57 million for the previous 12 months, and ranked him the 27th-highest-earning celebrity in the world. In July 2018, Forbes named Sheeran 9th on their list of the highest paid celebrities. According to The Sunday Times Rich List of 2019, Sheeran is worth £160 million ($207 million) as the 17th richest musician in the UK. Sheeran’s net worth is estimated at £200 million in 2020.


In July 2015 Sheeran has been in a relationship with childhood friend and former secondary school classmate Cherry Seaborn. They announced their engagement in January 2018 and were married in January a year later. She is the inspiration of the song "Perfect". It was reported, on 12 August 2020, that the couple were expecting their first child.

Ed Sheeran and Cherry Seaborn
                                                   Ed Sheeran and Cherry Seaborn


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