6 Tips To Attract And Retain Top Talent

Finding top talent that has all the characteristics of excellent workers isn't an easy task. Many industries struggle to fill all the openings each year, so they have to get creative in their strategies to attract and retain employees. However, some industries suffer more than others.

Top Talent

For example, the tech industry is suffering from a shortage of qualified professionals. Thus, the methods vary for each type of business. But the need for top talent exists no matter what, and here are some tips you can implement to attract and retain talent.

Set Strong Values

For a company to know where it's going and how it wants to operate, it has to set strong values since its foundation. Also, the continuous implementation of those values has to help the company to reach its mission. Something a possible candidate looks when researching future employers is the company's values.

A company's values and mission tell the employee if the company is working toward something they feel passionate about. And many times, an employee can quit because they think their values don't align with the company, or it doesn't practice what it preaches. 

For all these reasons, make sure you have a robust set of values and ensure all the employees follow them. This will create an excellent reputation for the company that will attract top candidates and make them want to stay.

Career Development

The main extra benefit every employee wants is to have career development opportunities. A fine way to start is by creating an employee-focused culture, where the development and growth of the employee matter. You can show this by offering educations benefits, like bonuses or reimbursement for coding courses or personal growth workshops. 

The employees want to feel like their company cares about their career development; in fact, those who don't feel it are twelve times more likely to leave. Another option is to offer learning programs for employees. It can be anything from mentoring with top employees at the company to classes made by the employees for new team members.

Also, you have to appeal to the younger generations, and millennials are more interested in positions where they are able to use their leadership skills. So, you can give opportunities for employees to be autonomous and have some decision making. Besides, there are hundreds of online learning platforms that offer great deals for businesses. You can outsource and have your whole team train on new skills with online courses at a very reasonable price.

More Benefits

Nowadays, professionals don't settle with the standard benefits of health insurance and PTO. They are looking for additional benefits besides a good salary. Some of the more common are well-being programs that include gym memberships all year round. But some companies go even further and give free therapy sessions and massages monthly. 

Another thing that is changing is that professionals look for better family benefits. Especially professionals that want to have kids hope to find jobs that offer them generous family leave. Each year, it becomes more common for companies to give two to four months to new parents even if they aren't the primary caregiver. For example, Netflix is outside of the norm and offers twelve months of parental leave for new parents. 

In addition, a tip to attract top talent that some companies are using successfully is to offer student debt reimbursement. Most US professionals graduate with thousands of dollars in student debt, so by helping them pay it off sooner, they will be enticed to work for you and stay. 

Use Your Employees

You already have employees who know that the company works and like it because they still work for you. So, use them to attract top talent by making videos where they talk about their experience. They can highlight what they love the most about their jobs and how the company helps them to develop in their career path. 

Then use digital marketing strategies to share these videos in the industry, like sharing on the company's LinkedIn profile or putting them on its website. Then, when the company attends events like conferences and the like, use your employees to connect with potential hires by sharing their experience.

Build a Presence

If nobody has heard of your company, they are less likely to apply to work for it. So, an essential aspect of attracting top talent is to build a presence in your niche. A way to achieve this is by creating social media profiles to share your company's accomplishments.

For example, if you want to build an image as a company that helps the community, sharing your good deeds is critical. Also, by participating in events regularly, the professionals will know that your company exists and may be curious to know more about it.


The 9 to 5 office hours are a thing of the past, and each year more businesses adopt flexible cultures. Employees are liking it and expect it when looking for a new job. Flexibility not only refers to the working schedule but even to location and dress code. Overall it is a more relaxed environment where workers feel more comfortable.

Try to introduce some flexibility with things like working from home some days, casual dress code, or even costume days at the office. It also depends on the industry, but one day a month to have some fun won't impact severely on your production levels and employees may perform better because they are happier.

In Summary

Companies have to get creative to attract the best possible applicants that will fit their needs. Some things they can do are to be clear regarding their values, offer excellent career development opportunities, and give superb benefits. 

All businesses should also work to build a presence in their niche; they can create digital campaigns and use their own employees to share their experiences. Plus, offering a flexible environment can be even more attractive than other benefits.


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