Top 10 Most Beautiful Black Plus Size Models in The World

What’s so refreshing about visiting black plus-size fashion blogs isn’t just the fact we get to see a varied collection of bodies in a marketplace that tends to be way too homogeneous, but also the idea that most of these women truly understand style, and—as a result—shed light on the fact that hackneyed fashion rules once forced on certain body types just don’t apply anymore.

1. Thamarr


Thamarr is a fashion blogger from Jacksonville, Florida. She named her blog "Musings of a Curvy Lady" - a little fashion blog darling baby that she created in October 2012 as her personal way to rebel against the rules of fashion and society by doing something radical and revolutionary: loving herself and the body that she has and styling it well.

2. Chardline Chanel-Faiteau

Chardline Chanel-Faiteau

About Chardline: My name is Chardline Chanel-Faiteau and I am a blogger and style curator for plus-size fashion. Every single day, I am driven to be the best woman I can for myself, my community and for my readers. I have always had an interest in government, law and politics, but fashion was optional. As a bigger woman, I was routinely excluded from the latest fashion trends, cheering on the sidelines and never a participant. I was also disconnected from my own personal style because I lacked the access to fashionable clothing in my size. More restrictively, I lacked the confidence and the outlet to express my personality through clothes. Limited offerings in the plus-size sections of department stores forced me to do my best and get creative with the available options.

3. Gess Pugh

4. Asia Milia

Asia Milia

Asia Milia is a New York based fashion and beauty writer who inspires young women to tackle their goals through sharing her lifestyle. Asia is currently an Editorial Assistant at Teen Vogue and has previously worked at InStyle Magazine, Fashion Bomb Daily, ESSENCE Magazine, and more. She's a petite young lady standing at only 5'2, but her demeanor is anything but petite. She holds her head high and wants to inspire women to confidently walk in their purpose, while she also finds her own.

5. Aqila Benjamin

6. Kelly Augustine

Kelly Augustine

Kelly Augustine, a 30-year old born and raised in NYC who loves to live life and share her interests and experiences, mostly centered around her personal style with a focus on plus size fashion, Brown beauty and cosmetics, and NYC lifestyle.

7. Lex Akira

8. Georgette Niles

9. Killie Brown

When Kellie Brown posts on Instagram, or TikTok, or YouTube, her goal is to inspire her online communities to love themselves fully. “Or at least start a self-love journey and understand that feelings of insecurity are not singular and that everyone experiences those no matter where you come from, what your size is, or what your race is,” the Philadelphia-born consultant and creator of #FatatFashionWeek says. "I want people to understand that, really, the journey of life is to push past those feelings in order to be our best selves.”

10. Shaina Harrison


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