3 Boxers Who Are Social Media Megastars

In the social media age, sports stars can be made online without them even having to kick a ball or throw a punch in anger. However, what is a little trickier to do is to back up your online boasts with genuine actions on a real-life pitch or in a ring.

3 Boxers Who Are Social Media Megastars
These boxers take their own personal brands seriously, knowing that it directly impacts on the size of their fight purses

In this article we take a look at the men who strut their stuff in the squared circle every bit as well as they do on social media platforms like Instagram and YouTube.

Ryan Garcia

When young Mexican-American Ryan Garcia squared off against Luke Campbell back in January, there were plenty of sport bettors and boxing tipsters who were picking the seasoned Brit to upset the largely unproven Garcia.

Their doubts about Garcia appeared to be well founded when he was knocked down early in the bout, but what happened next shocked those experts who build boxing/MMA parlays for a living, as the man known as KingRy stormed back to win via a brutal body shot KO.

The young fighter’s 8 million Instagram followers erupted all over the world and a new star of the sport was legitimized overnight.

If he can now pull off a win against the likes of Gervonta Davis or Teófimo López, he could become the next Oscar De La Hoya or Canelo. Sports bettors will certainly think twice about backing against Garcia again.

3 Boxers Who Are Social Media Megastars
The Paul brothers should be careful what they wish for, because fighting pro boxers is a different ball game compared to squaring off against rank amateurs

Anthony Joshua

Although Ryan Garcia is catching up fast, the man known as AJ is still the undisputed king of boxing social media and overall income in general, although he will have to beat Tyson Fury this year to become undisputed heavyweight champion of the world.
At the time of writing, this former Olympic gold medalist had 12 million followers on Instagram alone, and his back-and-forth online battles with Tyson Fury are always worth a watch, as the two continue to build the fight that will help one of them transcend the sport.

Jake Paul

There are lots of boxers who are fast becoming social media influencers in their own right, so it makes sense that some social media stars have decided they can switch professions in the other direction.
The most promising of all the influencers-turned-wannabe-boxers is Jake Paul, who has so far wiped out two nobodies and is now confident enough to call out the likes of Floyd Mayweather.
If that fight does happen, or Mayweather fights Jake’s brother Logan, social media will be abuzz with one of the Paul crew splayed on the canvas.
Between them, Jake and Logan share more than 30 million Instagram followers, so any KO could end up being one of the most viewed pieces of boxing brutality in history.


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